Costume :Tina Armstrong
Variant :Casual
Source :Dead or Alive 4 & 5
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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I suck so bad at the DOA games but I absolutely love Tina, she was my favourite from the very start and she's just gotten better and better over the years. I love her outfits but as anyone who has ever even heard of the games will know they are very skimpy, I'm hoping to do one or two in the future but for now I'm going to do two of her more casual outfits.

One from DOA4, I have most of this already, in fact the only thing I'm missing is the jeans (because I don't wear blue jeans apparently?), and one from DOA5 which although I haven't played yet I think she looks so adorable in the outfit. These will be worn on a Friday / evening of somthing at sometime. My only plans for the rest of the year are HJ and Oct Expo I'm hoping to find somthing else to go to as I'm missing out on Aya this year.


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To-Do List

DOA5 - ShortsHighIn Progress
DOA5 - Jacket & HoodyHighIn Progress
DOA4 - JeansHighPlanned
DOA5 - Boots & SocksHighPlanned
DOA5 - HatLowComplete
DOA4 - Top & JacketLowComplete
DOA4 - BootsLowComplete

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DOA5 - Base shorts£5.00Bought
DOA5 - Hat£2.00Bought
DOA5 - Boots £15.00To Buy