Costume :ODST
Source :Halo Series
Progress :In Progress
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Since playing the ODST game, I've preferred them over Spartans. They're highly trained Marines, and not the seemingly invincible SuperSoldier Master Chief is. Although I may add a Spartan III or IV to my list in the future.....I'm far too short for a Spartan II :P

I considered doing an ODST a few years ago, but the project never really got off the ground. But after watching Forward Unto Dawn over the weekend, I decided it was time to take a look at an ODST again.

My current plan is to make it using the Pepakura plans that are out there. I haven't fully decided which armour variant to go for as yet, but it'll probably end up being based around a mix of Sharpshooter and CQC.

Update 26/3/15 -

Looking at weapons first. These will be shared with my "casual" ONI/ODST. Already have a potential shotgun, but always loved the BR/DMR, so working on that too.
Also started pulling together the pepakura files I need for this project, as well as costing EVA foam panels.
Not sure when I will have this finished, but aiming to have the first parts started by the end of next month.


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Slight change of plans.... (Posted 21st June 2013)

After getting myself a base for a shotgun, I've decided to put more of a CQC on my ODST than a Recon.

It's kinda conflicting to be aiming for both Sniper (Long Distance Combat) and CQC (Close Quarters Combat), but I tend to play both when playing FPS and RPGs. Carrying both long range and close rage weapons gives me a nice all-rounder quality :D

Pepakura Files (Posted 9th June 2013)

I spent the bulk of Thursday evening downloading the various Pepakura files I'm going to need for this build.
I found all the ones for the Halo 3/Halo 3:ODST version, as well as quite a few for the ODST seen in Halo 2.

I think I'm going to build the Halo 3 version first, and maybe do a Halo 2 build at a later date.

The fun thing with this costume is that there are so many versions, I could probably get away with a mix-and-match between the 2 & 3 types