Costume :Gaara
Variant :Genin
Source :NARUTO [Anime]
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

Cost : £50.72
Time Taken : 22 Hours

Things Received:
• Received Sandals, from Mish (Jul `08)
• Received T-Shirt to Alter, from Mish (Nov `08)
• Received 3/4 Lengths, from Mish (Feb `09)

Worn At:
• Naruto Pre-Timeskip London Photoshoot (Nov `08), with Alex Avalon as Kankuro, Paz1o1 as Sasuke, and Steph Uzumaki as Naruto
• Naruto Cosplay Weekend (Jan `09), with Alex Avalon as Kankuro, Sammy as Sakura, Paz1o1 as Sasuke, Steph Uzumaki as Naruto, and Trozz as Kakashi
• Private Photoshoot, with Rising Snowflake as Naruto


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Now this is an AMAZING Gaara cosplay! Absolutely brilliant! :D

by animekid3000 on Tuesday, 26 August, 2014 - 04:09

To-Do List

Make shoulder scarf thing out of shawlsHighComplete
Cut Hair (Again - Slightly shorter, and more accurate)HighComplete
Cut HairHighComplete
Dye Hair Back to RedHighComplete
Bleach and Dye My HairHighComplete
Make GourdMediumComplete

Shopping List

Superdrug B Blonde Powder Bleach£3.99Bought
China Town Parasol£5.00Bought
Wilkinson's Bandages (x2)£0.96Bought
Wilkinson's Red Permanent Marker£0.34Bought
Black Jeans (given)£0.00Bought
Claire's Accessories Black Fishnet Wristbands£6.99Bought
Pound World White Scarves (x2)£4.00Bought
Black T-Shirt (given)£0.00Bought
Wilkinson's Wallpaper Paste (x3)£8.00Bought
Insulating Tape (given)£0.00Bought
Ebay Beach Ball (20")£1.75Bought
Ebay Beach Ball (16")£1.50Bought
Ebay Red Sand Forehead Protector£2.49Bought
Superdrug Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Black Eye Pencil£2.99Bought
Red Eyeliner (given from a friend)£0.00Bought
Superdrug Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colour Intense Red Hair Dye£5.69Bought
Sally Beauty Salon Services Creme Peroxide (to bleach my hair for dye)£4.99Bought
Black Sand Forehead Protector£2.03Bought


Styled Wig (Posted 24th June 2010)


Wig Arrived~ (Posted 21st June 2010)

I purchased this lovely two-toned red/black wig, it looks kind of more natural at a distance, the fibres blend together to make a dark red colour~ I really like it!

Home Previews~ (Posted 7th January 2009)

I took some photos in my bathroom to test out how Genin cosplay might look on me~

Red is Back! (Posted 31st December 2008)

After being Eiri Yuki (blonde) for a month, I dyed my hair back red to bring Gaara back!

Cosplay Progress (Posted 9th November 2008)

Uploading this here rather than a cosplay photo because it looks awful. xD I made the cosplay in a few days with no access to anything like a sewing machine, etc.

Genin Gaara Test Shoot (Posted 8th July 2008)

Oh my god don't look at me! xD