Final Fantasy VIII

Cosplayer: caylithe

Variant: Yellow dress

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

BlusterSquall avatar

BlusterSquall - 13th March 2009
Ehhhhh???? When did this happen?? Show me!?

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 14th March 2009
Love the nunchucks. They are looking great.

GunstarVixen avatar

GunstarVixen - 16th March 2009
YAY! trust you to make the nunchucks first! ;)

timpey avatar

timpey - 2nd April 2009
you make a very cute Selphie, i wanna see u with a whole ff 8 group ^--^

PinkCharlieBear avatar

PinkCharlieBear - 27th May 2009
You make such an adorable Selphie!! Great job on the nunchucks too :D

Kuma avatar

Kuma - 27th May 2009
Awesome! You do make a great Selphie... and there are some really good shots there!

And yes... caterpillar infested trees D= It took me until Sunday before I actually noticed them... then they were EVERYWHERE...

Leonie Heartilly avatar

Leonie Heartilly - 28th May 2009
Aww you got a pic by the train tracks! Cute

BlusterSquall avatar

BlusterSquall - 29th May 2009
You're the cutest button ever! <3

CrystalNeko avatar

CrystalNeko - 6th June 2009
You make the cutest Selphie!! It's one of my favourite costume of yours~

JakeX avatar

JakeX - 1st July 2009

just plain :D

SO CUTE! ^-^