Costume :Kat
Source :DmC: Devil May Cry
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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To-Do List

Dye hoodieMediumPlanned
Practise hand patternsLowPlanned

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White Vest£3.00Bought


First Steps (Posted 30th May 2013)

So today I decided to post about the Kat costume I am working on. I adore the character, she's brilliant and has a fairly simple design, something that I find a god send when it comes to cosplaying. I won't be wearing this to any major conventions unless I needed a back up, hence why this is a low priority costume compared to Philip (Kamen Rider W).

I'll be looking towards getting some orange dye to dye the hoodie, I'll also need to start practising in order to draw the patterns that Kat has on her hands. I'll either be getting a wig to do the hoodless version or I'll probably just keep the hood up in order to *hopefully* avoid getting a new wig.