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Costume :Marion Ravenwood
Variant :Evening gown
Source :Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

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Indy! The torch is going out!

Marion Ravenwood


Ravenwood, Indiana Jones

Marion, Indiana Jones


Costume Information

Always wanted to do this outfit, the torn evening gown, love the film and Marion.


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Ahh I love this film and she's a great character! I've always been a fan of the Indiana Jones films, this will be lovely to see! :)

by Cauldron Of Mischief on Thursday, 26 February, 2015 - 21:43
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Great choice, looks really accurate! Was worth trying different fabrics.

by Amy-Lou on Thursday, 30 April, 2015 - 17:57
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This costume is amazing. Great photos too!

by Siouxsie James on Thursday, 2 July, 2015 - 06:19


Complete (Posted 27th March 2015)

Finished by lightly weathering shoes and dress with Ben Nye dust and ash powder.

Dress train and butt flower (Posted 27th March 2015)

Layers of the polka dot chiffon made up the dress train. The butt flower was sewn onto it and the whole thing is detachable from the dress.
Ribbon was sewn onto the shoulders and front bodice.

Dress details (Posted 27th March 2015)

Added satin piping (small tutorial on sewing it in later) to the bodice, used the same stretch silk lycra with a medium weight interfacing to add around the large silk flower I bought as the base (butt flower is pretty large when you look closer at references!).
I stitched the strip of fabric into a rough petal/flower shape, finishing it with a piece of the polka dot chiffon behind it.
The shoulder pieces were pleated and sewn into place. A lot of fabric here had to be used to get the right 'poof'.
Bottom shows the top layer of polka dot chiffon over the two layers of silk lycra

Torch (Posted 26th February 2015)

I bunched and tied together garden canes, painted and weathered them, leaving a space big enough to put a wick torch inside, so I can light it for when I'm using it for a special shoot. The same thing I used with the torch for my Lara Croft. I'd rather not have to photo shop something in if I can help it.

Dress remade (Posted 26th February 2015)

I remade what I originally started last year. I wasn't happy with the first attempt and after reviewing the choice of fabric I've started it again.
On the right is the latest, (checking the fitting here). This was modified from a 6401 New Look gown pattern and I've used the same chiffon polka dot fabric but this time over two layers of slinky silk touch stretch lycra - which hangs and feels so much better.

I'm tempted to get a new wig but I'll see how I feel about it when everything is complete.

Shoes (Posted 17th May 2014)

Removed the buckle detail from a pair of peep toe heels.

Wig test (Posted 15th April 2014)

This was a long wig that I trimmed short.