Costume :Wanderer/Red Cloak
Source :Journey
Progress :Complete
Worn At :AyaCon 2013

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- Ayacon 2013

Journey is, honestly, one of the most amazing games I've ever played - it manages to achieve so much by doing so little, and if anyone was having their doubts about buying and playing it, I really would recommend it. It's a really beautiful game, and I wanted to pay tribute to it by cosplaying the unnamed character that the player wanders towards the far-off mountains as.

When I started this costume I knew I wanted to play with textures as opposed to only using plain fabrics, so the first thing I made was the cloak - I scored a bargain on some textured red fabric (I think it might be polyester) where I managed to bag a 15 metre roll for £5. It frays like crazy, but I really like the effect the fabric has on the overall costume. The dark red triangles are cotton poplin, and the yellow stripes are strips of grosgrain ribbon. The hood is made out of the same red fabric as the cloak, and it's also edged around the face with the dark red cotton poplin and around the hem with the grosgrain ribbon.

Next came the mask - this was a five-minute job that involved me shaping a circle of black craft foam to my face, then attaching elastic, the fabric for the eyes (it allows me to see out but not others to see in) and the ribbon for the headband. I'd like to go back and improve this if I ever have the chance, but I'm happy with it for now.

The scarf was the next thing I worked on, and although the base took me about half an hour to sew together, I spent about 12 straight hours sewing all of the glyphs and lines onto it. The glyphs are made out of red and white jersey, and the lines are red ribbon.

The red underclothes are just a shirt and some leggings that I made out of cotton jersey. The shoes are a pair I bought.

Save for the underclothes, I hand-sewed this entire costume. Altogether there must be at least 25 metres of ribbon in this costume - 10 metres alone are in the scarf! I'm really happy with how this cosplay has turned out. I just hope that I've done Journey justice. <3


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This is amazing and I cannot wait to see photos of it <3

by TheStarlightFairy on Tuesday, 28 May, 2013 - 01:01
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Loving the photos! Especially the one in the sand! So atmospheric <3

by Freyarule on Tuesday, 3 September, 2013 - 09:59