Costume :Juliet Starling
Variant :Original
Source :Lollipop Chainsaw
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2013

Costume Photos

Juliet Starling - Lollipop chainsaw motion 2 !

Juliet Starling - Lollipop chainsaw motion!

Complete Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw cosplay!

Complete Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw cosplay!

Chainsaw before the handle & dots painted on.

Finished cosplay! 2

Finished cosplay!

Hand accessories

Shoe's all finished


Costume Information

Cost : £200
Time Taken : 1-2 months (ordering things)

I choose Juliet Starling because now I'm 18 I wanted to do 1 outrageous cosplay before I go back to doing my loli's x3

I think she is such a great character and voice by my favourite voice actor Tara Strong!

I thought that my features kinda matched her's just a little so I decided to cosplay her for MCM Expo may all 3 days!

I started to make the cosplay but it ended up going wrong due to not having a mannequin ;______; So I bought the main part but made the hair scrunchices and took the whole cosplay in to fit me adding elastic and things!

I'm really proud of the chainsaw which I re-painted myself! My friend made it from scratch out of wood/foam/plastic ^^


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Great job on this, you fit Juliet well!

by V_Ortenzi on Sunday, 19 May, 2013 - 20:31
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WoW your Juliet Starling so awesome <3

by Dragonkid01 on Saturday, 1 June, 2013 - 01:50
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Cute ~

by cowiee on Monday, 3 June, 2013 - 23:44
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You make a lovely Juliet!

by L4dyPaiNe_X on Tuesday, 4 June, 2013 - 00:04
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this is amazing i love the moving pictures - you are very talented

by rosieroo on Thursday, 6 June, 2013 - 17:26
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love the vids you look amazing

by J-Po on Thursday, 6 June, 2013 - 17:40
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I love all the photos, you make such a great Juliet!

by ToroSonyCat on Thursday, 6 June, 2013 - 18:06