Costume :Madoka Kaname
Variant :Magical Girl
Source :Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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I loved this anime no matter how heart breaking it was and I've been thinking about cosplaying Madoka since I got the wig for Charlotte. The dress is just beautiful and I really want to have a go at dat petticoat!

Maybe Oct Expo?


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WigHighIn Progress
Bodice HighIn Progress
Skirt HighPlanned
Soul gemMediumPlanned
Bow & ArrowLowPlanned


Start (Posted 19th May 2013)

I started working on Madoka with leftover fabric from Sugar Rush due to a general lack of things to do! In the picture it's just pinned onto another top that I made yesterday for somthing else to show the front panel, I don't have the fabric for that yet so it may stay like this for a while but I just wanted to show a little progress as I'm amazed that I managed to make a bodice anyway, let alone two. I used a top I have as a base and created a pattern from it. Quite happy with the result (The white one is all sewn together and looks a lot better then the pinned pink one I assure you)
Ignore the Sugar Rush skirt, I just couldnt be bothered to take it off and it's a kind of similar shape to Madoka's?? Apologises for the darkness of the photo too ;;