Costume :Wolf Assassin~
Source :Assassin Creed Series
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Symbol for Vambraces

My Symbol~

White Paint

Hoodie Template for now

Fabric 4 Hoodie


Foam Ears Front

Foam Ear Side

Basketball as model~


Costume Information

Time Taken : About 1/2 a year

I couldn't find a single costume to make that I may look precise to, so I decided to make an assassin's creed costume. Clearly there's some costumes that may look the same and I really wanted to make something different. That's when this amazing word/idea popped from my imagination.....Wolves!!!!
The only difference about this costume:
Hood Design
And......That's about it.


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More to go... (Posted 17th May 2013)

The only parts I am finished with is the bottom tunic. Sometime in May or June I will start making the sleeves for it. (Depending if I can get a free time) Right now my focus is deciding on how to make the hoodie with the little ears. The ears that adds structure to the hoodie are finished, but I just need to smooth out them puppies. On the weekend, my list for the rest of the hoodie will be completed and I would be able to make the glowing eyes.....if I can get the chance to! '~'