Costume :Monica Rambeau
Source :Nextwave
Progress :Complete
Worn At :BCExpo 2013

Costume Photos

NEXTWAVE! get to meet all the coolest people

NEXTWAVE! kindly hold still while punishment is dispensed

NEXTWAVE! are really just one big happy family

NEXTWAVE! are going to get their costumes slightly wrong

NEXTWAVE! are five angry badasses

Monica! Is going to microwave your ****



Costume Information

Cost : £99
Time Taken : 30 hours

Had a lot of fun making and wearing this, although the last minute wig substitution was a bit scary, and the circle cutout - who has a circle on their costume? I ask you!

Boots were the most expensive part of this one, at £30. I just used duct tape for the black patches in the design, because I didn't want to wreck them. I think I got away with it!

I should probably address the obvious here, too - this is the first time I've done a con-quality costume for a character who's a very distinctly different race to me. I don't feel so shy about cosplaying Japanese characters, as I tend to pick Pale And Interesting types in any case, so at least I usually resemble the art - plus it's not like my people have a massive history of anti-Japanese sentiment, so I'm not particularly worried about offending people. I did actually work on an afro wig for Monica - I worked really hard on it, too - but when it came to tying off her hair twists the wig just started to look a bit off to me. It remind me of a child's rag doll when I looked at it. I just didn't feel like I could do a good enough job. If I'd been able to find a good-quality wig to start with, I probably wouldn't have had to tie off the twists, and it wouldn't have looked so odd.

Thanks to my Machine Man for her hard work with the coats - it was a hell of an effort we made, but it was great to do it together. No regrets. <3


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So gutted I didn't get a photo of this, but looked great :D

by DizzieDee on Friday, 17 May, 2013 - 19:45
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It must have been NICE being able to SEE all day :<

by foolishjackdaw on Tuesday, 14 October, 2014 - 09:57