Costume :Vriska Serket
Source :Homestuck
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Oh look, a reference


Costume Information

I WILL EAT UR 8A8IES-- wait what.

Oh my god someone got me into Homestuck. Help. The cosplay idea are flowing.


First things first - LE VRISKA. O-O
I don't really know why I love her so much, especially since she's such a butt. :I
Probably because she's a thief or something. I get really attached to thieves. It's the scariest thing ever. Even when I don't know they're gonna turn out to be some kind of thief, I get attached to them.

Most of this cosplay won't be a huge problem for me. It's the robot arm and the horns that are scaring me the most. I guess I'm gonna need a lot of chicken wire and foam. ALL THE FOAM WAHAHAHAHA

I'mma shut up.


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