Costume :Hakuryuu Ren
Source :Magi - Labyrinth of Magic
Progress :Complete
Worn At :AyaCon 2013

Costume Photos

No Bud Lub Me...

The Trademark Totem

Side to Side

Don't mess


Jus' three 'guys'

Why so sad, crybaby?

Group Pose

Jokes On You

Beating on Judal

Fierce Ryuu

Reference Picture


Costume Information

Cost : 99.21
Time Taken : 21 Hours (Approximately)

So Magi: Labyrinth of Magic has recently had an anime (with the second season already on the way) and I decided to join a couple of friends to do a group of it! I saw Hakuryuu's design before I officially met him in the anime (hadn't yet read the manga) and I really liked it. It was also a considerable challenge for me, who has only just begun to make my own cosplay from scratch. Plus different coloured eyes and scar practise yay!

So I ordered the contact lenses pretty early on so that I would get them in plenty of time for me to test them out in my eyes, and to be able to order some more if the colour wasn't quite right. I normally wear contact lenses anyways but it's always good to be safe cos you don't wanna be trying to poke stuff in your eyes last minute!

However it seemed like the contact lenses and the wig were the only two things I didn't actually do last minute XD. It came to two weeks before the actual convention, and I was considering backing out, cos I only had plans and wasn't sure what to do, but my friends convinced me because I had actually spent money on the contacts. So nyeh XD.

It actually worked out a lot better than I could have hoped. I worked out all the layers of Hakuryuu's costume and it came together nicely! And we got some fantastic group photos!


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To-Do List

sew long top and tie ends. HighComplete
paint headress and add clipHighComplete
paper macher headressHighComplete
make shoulder pads and black strips.HighComplete
Make middle basque/belt type thingHighComplete
sew and wire ribbons for headressMediumComplete
line basque with black fabric & add design to shoulder padsMediumComplete
Make (paper macher) StaffLowComplete

Shopping List

Coloured Contact Lenses£42.91Bought
Hakuryuu Ren Wig£24.00Bought
Various Coloured Ribbons£7.06Bought
Cream Material£5.73Bought
Black Linen Material£5.33Bought
White Shirt Material£11.50Bought
Foam Lagging£1.48Bought
Red insulation tape£1.20Bought


Crown progress (Pre painting) (Posted 14th August 2013)

So I just spray painted this, basically last minute lol. This is a photo of the crown before it was painted as it's drying now and won't be dry until like tomorrow. I used a strip of curved plastic and cut it to shape, the paper mached around it for depth and also stuck the end of a toilet roll in the middle. Built it up over a couple of days and I tried to pad out the prongs, give it some shape. It's a bit rough but the paint looks good so far. Will just have to hope for the best!

Hakuryuu's Tails done! (Posted 13th August 2013)

Or whatever the things he has attached to his crown are called. Basically took two long peices of ribbon, folded the ends and sewed a 'hem'. Then I fed a bunch of pipe cleaners through the hemmed pieces to give it form XD. Worked a lot better than the chicken wire I tried before which just made the 'tails' curl round and round. Then I sewed the red ribbon onto the end.

I still have no idea how I'm going to fix them to his crown =/. Maybe with superglue?

Basque/Belt thingy done! (Posted 12th August 2013)

So made the last puzzle piece for my Hakuryuu Cosplay today! Well the last big piece anyways. Plus I added the paper macher to the crown a d bit although I still really need to spray it and figure out how to affix it to the wig XD. Ah wells, will hope to do that Wednesday or Thursday at the VERY latest.

I made the basque bit in the same style as I made Levy's dress, in that I cut it so that it fitted snugly around my waist. Except this time I sewed it one third up and then one third down the middle so that there was a gap left in the middle. I then sewed hooks into the middle of the basque so that the material could be pulled taut around my waist, but also so that I could get the bloody thing on in the first place XD.

Also sewed the belt thingy, but I haven't sewn the red ribbon parts on the end yet, and finally I lined the middle basque with black ribbon. The back has a slight tendency to fall down, but if I just make sure it's up for photos it should look fine.

Still haven't test out Hakuryuu's scar make-up though =s

Undershirt Done (after much prototyping!) (Posted 10th August 2013)

Well I did a test version for this about a week ago, but unfortunately I made it way too tight, and I forgot to hem the sleeves at the shoulder. This time I made sure it was big enough, and double sewed the hems. But forgot to make the head whole big enough XD. Made a slight cut in the top and hemmed it, and voila, it was much better. After a while of pinning, cutting and finally sewing, I managed to get it all sewn together just before midnight. Yaaaay *falls asleep*

Hakuryuu Pikey Blade Thing (Posted 10th August 2013)

Made Hakuryuu's blade with great help from my dad. Out of a tiny bit of wood, some plastic piping and covered in foam XD. The blade is actually made out of cardboard and taped to hell with silver gaffa tape. I might pen a line through the middle for the line on Hakuryuu's blade but we'll see how I feel. Then we wrapped red insulation tape around the foam, which strengthened the whole thing. We also made it in three sections so that it'll be easier to carry on the train XD. And it fits together neatly woo!

Still need to make the scarf that wraps around it but other than that, all done! And surprisingly a lot faster than I had planned! Yay last minute!

Shoulder paddish shirt done. (Posted 9th August 2013)

Took a whole evening but I am extremely relieved I got this done. One week to go! Ahhh! XD. Sewed the shirt for Hakuryuu, and the black stripes down the sides. At first the black stripes were too thick so I had to unpick and resew, but I am getting rather good at that after all XD.

I'm starting to get the hang of my sewing machine, which is really awesome, and I'm finally learning how to hem things properly, but I still need more practise in order to stop the material/thread bunching up X_X. But other than that I'm very pleased with ma shirt =3.