Costume :Ramona Flowers
Variant :Movie/Game/Book Mix
Source :Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos


Reference - Hammer

Boots - Side

Boots - Front


Hoodie and Top

Reference (Game)

Reference (Book)


Costume Information

I'll be wearning this to CollectorMania - Glasgow. This is a combination of the movie, game and book outfits. Bright block colours. I've decided to go for a blue wig (my favourite colour! ;)) I already had a green hoodie and blue tights. I bought a bright blue top a couple of days ago and I need hot pink shorts. I'm borrowing boots from my mum, and I need to find a black leather jacket around the house. I'll buy a blue wig from and the goggles and bag from I want to make the hammer from a curtain pole and a big block of styrofoam, if I can get my hands on one! Seems simple enough, right?


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To-Do List

Buy WigMediumPlanned
Buy bagMediumPlanned
Buy gogglesMediumPlanned
Buy items for hammerMediumPlanned
Make hammerMediumPlanned

Shopping List

Hot Pink Shorts (Primark)£3.00Bought
Blue Top (Primark)£2.50Bought
Goggles (£8.92To Buy
Bag - Pink & Blue (£30.19To Buy
Blue Wig (£4.99To Buy


Shorts (Posted 2nd May 2013)

Bought hot pink shorts from Primark.

Top (Posted 23rd April 2013)

Bought the blue top from Primark (£2.50)