Costume :Sweet Lolita
Source :Lolita Fashion
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Japanorama 2013

Costume Photos

Finished outfit!

Wig fringe~

Print of skirt


Costume Information

Not really a costume, more of an outfit... But I wanted to wear something nice to Japanorama!


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To-Do List

Take shoes to cobblerHighComplete
Sew buttons on shirtHighComplete
Decide on earrings and other jewelleryLowIn Progress
Iron ShirtLowPlanned
Fix necklaceLowPlanned
Decide on make-upLowPlanned
Style wigLowPlanned

Shopping List

White long sleeved blouse£0.00Bought
Bodyline carousel JSK£0.00Bought
Bodyline carousel headbow£0.00Bought
Bodyline carousel bag£0.00Bought
Blonde long wig£0.00Bought
Bodyline pink shoes£0.00Bought
White tights£0.00Bought


Buttons and Hair (Posted 30th April 2013)

Today I was on bed rest so I managed to sew the rest of the buttons onto my shirt. Yay! Before they were round cream ones, but now they are pink flowers ^0^

I also decided that I am going to pin curl my wig. I'm going to do a test run on a bit of it tonight and see how it works, and if it does then I will be putting the rest of the wig up in pin curls. Yay! I trimmed the fringe on the wig, and now it looks a lot better. My hairdresser taught me how to 'feather'. So I tried it out on the edges, and they look much softer now, and not so 'unprofessional'.

Shoes Fixed (Posted 27th April 2013)

My Dad took my shoes to the cobbler today and tried to get a new buckle, but he couldn't. However, I've transferred the buckle from my black shoes, so I can just swap them over when I'm not wearing the other pair ^0^

Lolita START! (Posted 25th April 2013)

Well, my Dad told me yesterday he's taking me and my sister to Japanorama... After much squeeling, I set to deciding on an outfit! I decided in the end to go with a sweet lolita co-ord. I have everything that I need, I just need to get one of my shoes fixed. I have... nine days to get it all together? I'm sure I'll do it in time!