Costume :Luigi
Variant :Lolita Inspired
Source :Luigi's Mansion 2
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Luigi's Mansion 2 Lolita Inspired Luigi Cosplay Idea.


I've had this idea for years, I've seen a lot of Luigi and Mario lolita designs on tumblr and online generally but, since being in love with the first Luigi's Mansion since its release, I always wanted to incorporate that into the outfit.

I want to finally do this as I have the skill set (although I will ask for a lot of help with the Poltergust 5000), I want to get a JSK pattern anyway of making my own JSK's for lolita co-ords and what better year to do it than the 'Year of Luigi!'

Hopefully for October Expo if I can go.


- Lolita Star clips but with the eyes from Mario Stars
- My original grey DS with a decal to be the 'Dual Scream'
- Handmade Poltergust 5000 prop that straps onto back like a backpack.
- Bracelet featuring charms made from fimo of the ghosts found in both games
- Coscraft's Juliet in Dark Brown wig

I already have the tights, shoes, gloves, materials to make the bracelet and I planned on getting that wig for lolita co-ords anyway!

And of course I have the original DS with I can attach a decal to, to turn it into the 'Dual Scream.'

For Halloween or October Expo (if I can go.)


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To-Do List

Make Poltergust 5000HighPlanned
Sew JSKHighPlanned
Make braceletMediumPlanned

Shopping List

Nintendo DS (Original/Grey)£0.00Bought
Brown Shoes£0.00Bought
Coscraft's Juliet in Dark Brown£0.00To Buy
Decal for Nintendo DS£0.00To Buy
Materials for Poltergust 5000£0.00To Buy
JSK Buttons£0.00To Buy
White Tights£0.00To Buy
Materials for Star Clips£0.00To Buy
Green Lolita blouse£0.00To Buy
Luigi Hat£0.00To Buy
Fabric for JSK£0.00To Buy
Fimo£0.00To Buy