Costume :Levi
Source :Shingeki no Kyojin
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Oh gosh yes <3

by soibro on Friday, 19 April, 2013 - 15:09
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by CharlotteLuna on Monday, 22 April, 2013 - 08:01
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4 (Posted 9th June 2013)

Acrylic and foam swords. Very far from finished of course.

3 (Posted 5th May 2013)

Um yeah, I lied again. Gave up ordering those patches from China and opted to make my own instead.

Flat felled almost every seam because that seemed the right thing to do.

2 (Posted 29th April 2013)

I lied. About the fabric, I found faux suede in the right colour already in my fabric pile, so I'll use that instead.

The sewing pattern is a self-made one, based on a standard block made to my size. Key points I need to make sure are that the roll collar stands very tight and tall, and it should be a two-piece sleeve with a working vent. I've no idea if the buttons should be snap or traditional buttons + buttonholes... the official retail version seems to be the traditional kind, I might do that too since they're easier to put in.

There are 3 small designs on the shoulders and a breast pocket, and a large one on the back. And another large one on the cape. At first I thought I'd paint them on like I did with Trunks, but I found patches on a Chinese shopping site. Not sure what the quality will be (and if the large patches will be too stiff), but I'm buying them anyway. If they're good I'll use them.

Haven't managed to find pics of how the cape is fastened yet. Maybe a big, nice looking safety pin if no reference is found.

1 (Posted 24th April 2013)

I read the manga a few days ago (all 44 chapters in 24 hours!) and decided I had to cosplay him... and also discovered there's now an anime. So for once I'm doing something that's on trend (?) In fact it feels a bit like bandwagoning, but if the bandwagon contains a cravat-wearing arse-kicking lance corporal with dead fish eyes, I don't mind jumping onto it at all.

Haven't got a date for this but hopefully it'll be done this year, some time after Ayacon.

After comparing other people's cosplay photos, I'm going to use pleather to make the jacket. I've got faux suede around but pleather will look better. I'm going with the manga's original colour (beige) rather than anime (tan) because tan is yuck.

As for the manoeuvre gear, the anime one does look a little bit better where the barrel is... I haven't decided on which version to follow yet. I suppose I should just stick to the manga style since I'm doing that with the jacket, but I can't say for sure at the moment.

Wig won't be a problem (the benefits of running a wig shop. :P) Shoes will be coming from China.

Discovered the jodhpurs I had for Flynn would work just fine here. Whee!