Costume :San and Ashitaka
Source :Mononoke Hime, Princess Mononoke
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :BCExpo 2013

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Costume Information

We chose to make this cosplay because we love the film Princess Mononoke (obviously) and decided to cosplay San and Ashitaka (As Amehhful already had the San part:3). We are going to be wearing it to BCExpo, and may wear them in the future.


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To-Do List

Make legs partHighPlanned
create main body outfit (bluenesso-o)HighPlanned
Make big cloak thingyHighPlanned
create shoes for both S+AMediumPlanned
Create bowMediumPlanned
Make head thingMediumPlanned
Create new daggerMediumPlanned
Fix Necklace on SanMediumPlanned

Shopping List

(light and dark)Blue,red Fabric£0.00To Buy


At the start (Posted 15th April 2013)

Okay so we are going to start the Ashitaka cosplay on Wednesday (getting the materials). We are going to get them in a shop in kingswood called 'The nylon shop' (pretty obvious name...). Still not sure on how we're going to make Ashitaka, but Ben may have some idea's o-o

As for San, I need to fix a few things, like the necklace. I am also going to make a new dagger, possibly the big staff-like version, as well as maybe making the shoes like her actual ones ^-^ i'm also going to make the cloak more round or whatever I decide xD