Costume :Yusei Fudo
Source :YuGiOh! 5D's
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

More Yusei Reference

Yusei Reference

The Pieces of my Pleather Jacket

My Pleather Jacket


Costume Information

Cost : None (so far)
Time Taken : About three hours (again, so far)


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To-Do List

Finish cutting up jacketHighComplete
Buy Blue FabricHighIn Progress
Buy Black Twill, Fabric and Trim, and ZipperHighIn Progress
Buy black lining fabricHighIn Progress
Pin and Cut Out ShirtHighPlanned
Pin and cut out jacketHighPlanned
Find/buy all items neededMediumIn Progress
Sew jacketMediumPlanned
Style wigMediumPlanned
Bring sewing machine home from schoolMediumPlanned
Sew ShirtMediumPlanned
Paint googly eyes and Christmas ornamentsLowPlanned
Sew black pleather onto gloves, pants and bootsLowPlanned
Cut out stencil for shirtLowPlanned
Paint shirtLowPlanned
Add black pleather trim to jacketLowPlanned
Glue painted googly eyes/Christmas ornaments onto jacket/gloves/pants/coatLowPlanned

Shopping List

Orange Acrylic Paint£0.00Bought
Black Pleather£0.00Bought
Tacky Glue£0.00Bought
Shirt Pattern£0.00Bought
Jacket Pattern£0.00Bought
Black Zipper£0.00To Buy
Primer£0.00To Buy
Pale Foundation£0.00To Buy
Concealer£0.00To Buy
Black Eyeliner£0.00To Buy
Wide Brown Leather Belt£0.00To Buy
Black Twill£0.00To Buy
Black Twill Trim£0.00To Buy
GOT2B Hairspray£0.00To Buy
Blue Contact Lenses£0.00To Buy
Black Wig£0.00To Buy
Yellow Hair Extensions£0.00To Buy
Dark Blue Bottom Weight Fabric£0.00To Buy
Brown Leather Gloves£0.00To Buy
Grey Jeans£0.00To Buy
Brown Leather Boots£0.00To Buy
Googly Eyes£0.00To Buy
Clear Plastic Christmas Ornaments£0.00To Buy
Snaps£0.00To Buy
Red Fabric Paint£0.00To Buy
Black Lining£0.00To Buy