Costume :Fon Master Ion
Source :Tales of the Abyss
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo Comic Con May 2014

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Yulia save us

getting there!!

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Because a group might be happening and I've dreamed of an Abyss group for so long and I love Ion and was prodded and told I should cosplay him since I've been considering it for years EXCITED!!

Should be for MCM Expo May 2014! >w<

At the moment it looks like we've goooot:

Natalia (Louise)
Asch (Gemma)
Luke (Laura)
Guy (Roisin)
Ion (myself)
Anise (Gracie)
Arietta (Jewels) [possibly]

Possible Tear? (Fiona+Annice)

Excitement through the ROOF. Please poke me if you're interested in joining too!


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A Tales of the Abbys group would be awesome!
Looking forward to seeing this

by Yasmia on Saturday, 13 April, 2013 - 21:39
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Screaming with joy

by TheStarlightFairy on Saturday, 13 April, 2013 - 22:43
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Such a cutie! (And I need to look into this game after I'm done with Graces...)

by InfiniteJester on Sunday, 14 April, 2013 - 09:57
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Yaaaaay! X3 You're going to be so cute! X3 And as I've said before, you're going to suit him SO well! :D

by Lady Bahamut on Sunday, 14 April, 2013 - 10:11
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askjdn you guys are too sweet and making me more excited aah >///<
I'm so over the moon about this seriously!! ;w; (please everyoneanyone join the group please make dreams come true)

@Kila: you doooo, it's so good! (as I have said millions of times before xD)

by KiraraYumi on Sunday, 14 April, 2013 - 12:08
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I'd be tempted at doing Guy (if I can make May next year)

by Yasmia on Sunday, 14 April, 2013 - 13:18
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Omigosh really? 8D That would be awesome if you could make it!! ;w;

by KiraraYumi on Sunday, 14 April, 2013 - 13:30
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Oh more tales of the abyss cosplayers for may! This is amazing, hope to see you around that weekend ^^

by Peredhil on Monday, 5 May, 2014 - 18:33
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Aww this is great - I look forward to seeing you and the rest of the group! If I'd seen this earlier I might have been tempted to cosplay Jade since I've been considering doing him since last year!

by Coulvre on Tuesday, 20 May, 2014 - 18:47
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You were the cutest Ion ever! X3 Loved the wig and tabard, it kept its shape better than mine! 8D

by Lady Bahamut on Monday, 2 June, 2014 - 19:14


proper start go (Posted 5th May 2014)

Wow I bought all the fabric around a month ago?? Oops. Anyway I finally started working on Ion today and I got a decent amount done! Almost finished the whole robe, just need to sew up the last part (may need a zip) and put the petals on the sleeves! Then I have the tabard, headdress, necklace, shoes....and....glove thingies to go. Wow this sounds like a lot haha GANBATTE, SELF.

~ (Posted 12th April 2014)

I got all of my fabric for Ion today woooo! I originally was going to have the base of this costume white with the tabard and everything else green, but I found a nice off-white-almost-green cotton that was the same fabric as the tabard fabric and they went well together, so I went with that! I also got LOTS of off-white bias tape for all the deets. AND I just realized I didn't buy any green bias for the glovey things....WELP gotta go get that at some point! Thankfully it is not something that needs to be done right away.

Should be starting on Ion this coming week then now that I have most of the days free!