She Who Must Not Be Named

Costume :Iceland
Variant :Normal/uniform
Source :Axis Powers Hetalia
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Coat - back

Coat - front

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Costume Information

Cost : Can't remember :P
Time Taken : ???

My first Hetalia cosplay, currently a WIP. As I'm shattered after blowing it out on making my Teto costume for DOJ Con and then attending the thing, I am treating this as a non-urgent thing and doing it in my own time.
I might not actually wear this to any cons as so many people interpret Iceland as a cute ukeblob who does nothing but swoon over Norway and Hong Kong. I just don't see him like that, and it's not the sort of character I'd want to cosplay. My Iceland, whether it's in cosplay or fan fiction, has always been more of a grumpy, reclusive and rather conflicted teenager.
Still, this is being great fun to assemble and I'm expecting to get a lot out of acting in character.


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