Costume :Brief
Variant :Fem!Brief/Genderbent
Source :Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
Progress :Complete
Worn At :AyaCon 2013

Costume Photos

There on the Stair

Don't Fall


Demon Buster

Ghost Hoover



Shy Girl


Costume Information

Cost : 51.51 + 7.89 (guess which was which lol)
Time Taken : About 5 days over a fortnight

Zomboi requested we reprise our PSG cosplays for the last Aya, except Genderswitched and that he wanted to be Man!Scanty. So Raine is being Man!Kneesocks and X'amd is taking on the role of Fem!Corset. He also asked (*coughtoldmecough*) to be Fem!Brief.

The gym outfit inspired by the episode "Inner Brief" was basically something comfy and cool for the hot weather to doss about in when not in my masquerade costume. I couldn't decide which of his t-shirts to do, so I picked both. lol.


I love, love, love, love, love this!

by Clockwork Fairy on Tuesday, 22 October, 2013 - 23:25


T-shirt done (Posted 19th May 2014)

Iron-on printer paper.

SW "Inner Brief" T-shirt Transfer Design (Posted 19th May 2014)

I done photoshopped me a logo.

Badges & Hairclip (Posted 23rd March 2014)

The badges I made in photoshop then had printed professionally, so if anyone fancies a set, I can sell you some. :) The hair clip was just because I decided to use my Black Widow wig, which is without a fringe, so obviously needs something to explain why Brief's fringe is our of her eyes. I just glued 2 broken hairclips I had lying around together. I've since found my Hello Kitty! ones, so I might wear them next time.

Painting (Posted 23rd March 2014)

Then silver spray paint & stickies before I put the headphone pads back on & sewed/velcroed the rest to the backpack.

Priming (Posted 23rd March 2014)

Watered down acrylic paint for all!

Backpack Part 2 (Posted 23rd March 2014)

The base backpack was a laptop one btw. Done apart from the hoover & stick on wheelie-bits.

Backpack Part 1 (Posted 23rd March 2014)

I hand-cut self-adhesive vinyl sheets - or sticky-back plastic in Blue Peter terms - for the detail on the backpack, headphones & hoover nozzle.

Planning (Posted 23rd March 2014)

So, whilst that was drying, I made some wee templates & went off to work on the backpack.

Papier Machee (Posted 23rd March 2014)

Time for an ART ATTACK! Flashback whatever day this is!

Headphone Base (Posted 23rd March 2014)

So, turns out that my old headphones which had literally stopped working about a week before I decided to do this costume were perfect for it. What's the cottage cheese pot about? Well, it makes the perfect little soul hoover nozzle. recycling is fun. ;P

Patches (Posted 23rd March 2014)

Here's the embroidery machine in action.

Dress (Posted 23rd March 2014)

I started with a base dress that needed lots of bits taken off of it & a hood (cut off of a really 90's hoodie) sewn on. Plus patches of course. It honestly didn't take me long at all.

Chuck Shirt (Posted 23rd March 2014)

So, I only figured out after I'd printed this that my printer only prints pdfs in full & glorious techicolour... Oh well, I'll need to make a new shirt anyway as the transfers don't stay on cotton well & viscose not at all.

Fem!Brief Gym Uniform Reference Board (Posted 19th August 2013)


Chuck Tee (Posted 10th August 2013)

T-shirt transfer design.

Reference Board - Fem!Brief (Posted 10th August 2013)

Reference Board.