Costume :Rose Lalonde
Source :MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck
Progress :Complete
Worn At :DOJ-CON 2013

Costume Photos

MCM Glasgow 2014

DOJ-CON 2013

DeeCon 2014


Costume Information

Cost : About £60 for 3 versions of 2 costumes
Time Taken : About 10mins


Because I actually had nearly everything kicking about for this already. Might as well, eh?


To go with Zomboi's Dave, Nickel's Jade, SyntheticAudio's John and captaincreeds' Bro. I'm trying to do more comfy female costumes as my dermographism is making binding really uncomfortable. I'll still cosplay all the Johns of course, just not when I'm working behind a stall. I'm also planning on doing some of Rose's other outfits.


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Scarf (Posted 27th March 2014)

This is just the scarf from my Grimdark Rose costume from last Dee/DOJ-con. It needs an iron cos I just shoved it in a box after I wore it & never deigned to look upon it again. lol.

Skirt (Posted 27th March 2014)

So, in my headcanon, the Alpha Kids were around in the 1980's & the Beta Kids are totally 90's. Apart from plaid, nothing is more 90's than corduroy. I didn't make it or owt though. It's just a t-shirt/closet cosplay for being comfy in really.

Reference Board (Posted 23rd March 2014)

Symbol as always nabbed from: http://digitallibrarian.tumblr.com/SymbolMasterpost