Costume :Elsa
Variant :Ice queen
Source :Frozen
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Great progress with the bodice, it's looking nice =)

by Tsuchinoko on Sunday, 26 January, 2014 - 04:17
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lovely progress :) really love the sequins :D!

by Frederica la Noir on Wednesday, 29 January, 2014 - 20:18
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One of the best Elsa wigs i've seen! ^-^

by Princess_Clogs on Thursday, 17 April, 2014 - 11:50

Shopping List

Lace front wig£40.00Bought
1 yard Sequin aqua fabric£35.00Bought
Various Sequins£8.00Bought
Shoes (Already Had)£0.00Bought


Remake (Posted 17th April 2014)

I've decided to start from scratch as I think the colours I have been using are too dark a shade of turqouise and I really want to make Elsa as perfect as possible, for either Manchester Expo or October MCM expo :)

The wind is howling like the swirling storm inside. Couldn't keep it it, heaven knows I tried. (Posted 18th March 2014)

Makeup and wig test! I added a widows peak and more wefts to the front.
I really like how the makeup turned out for a first go. I wish I had natural freckles so cute!

A Kingdom of isolation, and it looks like; I'm the queen. (Posted 9th March 2014)

My wig arrived a few days ago and I finished styling it tonight. I might tweak it before I really consider it done but I really love the swoopyness of her bangs and the length of the wig. I just need to figure out now how I want to make the snowflake hair clips :3

The snow glows white on the mountain tonight, not a footprint to be seen. (Posted 26th January 2014)

So tonight I finished my bodice pattern and proceeded to cut out all the layers I'd need for it. This so far is three layers, sequin top layer, duchess satin backing, lining fabric. I then stitched the duchess to the sequins then stitched all the panels together. I'm currently filling up spaces with more sequins to add more colour and texture, along with cute mini snowflake sequins. Once I'm done I'm going to bone it, add the modesty panels and eyelets, then finally add lining. But the sequins will probably keep me occupied for a while. It's really relaxing and fun to do, plus I love the way it looks against my mannequin!