Costume :Violet Baudelaire
Variant :Movie
Source :A Series Of Unfortunate Events
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Dress Base Reference

Lower Sleeve Slit Reference

Lower Sleeve Reference

Sleeve Reference


Costume Information

I've always wanted to cosplay as Violet.
It looks like an extremely complicated dress to hand make but I'm determined to make it from scratch and as close to the original as possible!
I've managed to break it down into manageable sections, after researching some of the images of the dress that were quite useful.To save photo room, I'll only put up reference images of the section I am working on at the time. The sections will be as follows:
- Dress Base: Black vest top, the puff sleeves and the purple underlayer
- Black Organza Skirt
- Bodice
- Wig

It won't let me select it yet but I'm hoping to make this in time for London MCM October 2013. However, because I will be starting Uni (hopefully!) and because I really want it to look good, I won't be rushing to get it finished by then. So it'll be October '13 or May '14 at the latest!

I'll update every step of the way!

~ Rhii


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Can't wait to see this!

by InfiniteJester on Saturday, 8 June, 2013 - 19:52
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Thank you :3

by Rhii_anna on Sunday, 9 June, 2013 - 09:19

To-Do List

Buy Black Vest TopHighComplete
Make Puff SleevesHighIn Progress
Attach Whole Sleeve to VestHighPlanned
Make Lower Sleeves and Attach to Upper SleevesHighPlanned
Make and Attach Arm BandsHighPlanned

Shopping List

Black Vest Top£2.50Bought
Fishnet Tights£4.00Bought
Black Ribbon£4.00Bought
Sleeve Fabric£5.00Bought


More Slow Progress (Posted 23rd June 2013)

I found the perfect pair of fishnet tights last month in Claire's. I'd searched around a bit but the tight I found had too small spacing between the diamonds, Violet's are quite wide. I was worried the spacing would be TOO big.. but it was perfect :3

The black thread I found in a craft store today during my lunch break - it is the perfect width and is cottony so can easily be sewed. It was a bit more expensive that what I wanted it to be, but I can deal with that!

I plan to order the fabric tomorrow when I get more money and start working on the sleeves!

~ Rhii

Slow, Early Progress (Posted 26th May 2013)

During my lunch break today I decided to look around shops like Sports Direct and charity shops in order to find a black vest top that suited my needs. I was quite suprised to not find one at Sports Direct - they had some good quality ones but the sleeve holes were too big and they had weird logos or fancy backs.

I budgeted myself £5 and actually found a perfect one in Primark for half of that. They had a huge display of them but only a few black ones left in my size so I was happy :3

I bought this now whilst it's still summer and shops will be selling their vesty tops. The actual sewing and constructing of the dress won't start until after exams, but I am so happy to have gotten the first step done!

~ Rhii