Costume :Amy Pond
Source :Doctor Who
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

So far it's still in the planning stage. I want to cosplay Amy Pond from the episode "Time of Angels". :)


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To-Do List

Either a.) use my red jumper b.) try and find a better one c.) buy one online d.) make one from a simple patternMediumPlanned
Buy a simple headbandLowPlanned
Buy grey opaque tightsLowPlanned
Buy blue converse or either a.) paint mine blue or b.) just wear black onesLowPlanned
Buy some good concealer and other makeup LowPlanned
Find some red hair dye- possibly temporaryLowPlanned
Either a.) find a black skirt or b.) put some black fabric on those shorts to make them a skirtLowPlanned
Find some black socksLowPlanned

Shopping List

Black simple headband£1.99To Buy
Black socks£2.99To Buy
Grey tights£5.00To Buy
Red fabric £0.00To Buy
Red fabric £0.00To Buy
Pattern for hoody£0.00To Buy


Planning (Posted 7th April 2013)

So far I've decided that I'd like to cosplay Amy Pond, and that I'd like to wear her iconic red hoodie in the episode The Time of Angels.

I ripped through my wardrobe and found that I owned a similar jumper to the red hoodie, although, I would prefer something that is closer.

I might have a look through some oppshops and see what I can find, I'll make a list of things to keep an eye open for:
-Red hoodie
-Black skirt
-Red fabric
-Black fabric
-Grey tights
-Blue converse

I might take the option of buying some cheap red fabric and sewing the hoodie myself, this won't be too hard. The pattern would be very simple, as it's not fitted and has baggy bat-like arms. I could make my own pattern by laying a baggy jumper over some newspaper and stuff. Or, I could buy a pattern somewhere, I'm sure I can find a similar pattern and modify it. Although, the hood might prove trouble to sew. Well, I don't really know. I've never sewn a hood. So I'll find out.

If all else fails, I can just use the jumper I own. Which looks about right, except doesn't have a hood and is a tinge darker than hers.