Princess Leia Organa
Star Wars

Cosplayer: ElegantAura

Variant: Senatorial Gown

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

14th June 2013: Finally getting down to work! With LFCC only a few weeks away I'm racing the clock to get this costume finished. I dawdled around far too long and recently came up to a few hurdles.
Firstly I didn't have enough of the original fabric I wanted to use for the gown, so I've had to recently purchase some online in a hurry, but i'm actually really pleased with the fabric choice. I went for a slightly Off-white colour rather than the typical pure white. I chose it partly because my belt and boots were both off white and also I like the idea of looking a little more 'old/vintage' to be a bit different.
Along with making progress on the gown I've been re-colouring the soles of the boots I had, they were originally brown, but i was torn between keeping the brown or going with black (Her boots seem to change colour in my references) I ended up colouring them black as the previous owner of these boots had tried to re-colour the leather white but in doing so got some of the colour on the soles so they looked a bit messy.
Lastly I've been racking my brain over Leia's cinnamon hair bun style. I tried and tried to just style the extensions straight over my own hair but I failed everytime. I've finally resorted to my last and 'only hope' Making a base domes and then sewing & gluing the hair onto them, so i can eventually pin them to my head. I got this idea from Angel Monkey Studios! (I'm not bright enough to think up something like that) Their blog shows a step by step guide of how they made their costume, which has come in handy along with a few other tutorials.

Thank goodness for tutorials!

5th May 2013: Small Update Progress has slowed down a little with Leia, however her belt is now complete and I'm in the possession of some pretty cool boots. I have a few adjustments to make but I'm lucky to have found some white boots with any likeness to Leia's, I've been hunting for months on end and these ones still aren't entirely accurate haha

12th April 2013: Mission Progress! Been making little bits of progress here and there, including priming and painting the blaster gun, making the belt and sewing up my mock now i know what i have to improve on. Hopefully I can get used to the fabric and sew it nicely as i struggled a bit with the practice one but I think i just need to be patient. Exciting that I might end up with something that resembles Leia's robe though!

7th April 2013: Mock up Gown! This is a rather exciting venture for me, as Star Wars is such a great series! I really haven't give it enough of my time and attention lol But after watching the original 3 films, I was finally convinced by my lovely man that I join him with a Star Wars costume pairing!

I started by getting all excited and randomly took some scissors to some leftover fabric that Ryan had. It isn't a white jersey like they used in the film but its a nice lycra-like fabric with a soft touch which drapes nicely too.
Anyways I just went for it, making it up a bit and also referring to a fab tutorial by Pam at Costume Creations (
I straight away went and cut the neck far too big...but this was just a test, and good thing too haha

More recently I bought some leatherette, styrene and metal buttons for making her belt, so that'll be in the works soon. Along with a star wars blaster, it looks like a stormtrooper one, but will be fun for me to sling about...its currently all sorts of funny colours but I'll paint it black for more accuracy!

I've been figuring out what's best for her hair buns, the plan is to use my own hair and extensions over the top of my own buns (Funny as I sometimes like to wear my own hair in mini buns on the side haha)

Frederica la Noir avatar

Frederica la Noir - 7th April 2013
Absolute yes!! You will make such a beautiful Leia :) ohhh I'll have to keep an eye out for you at lfcc ^_^


Freyarule avatar

Freyarule - 7th April 2013
Aaaaah you will look so amazing! :D

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 21st August 2013
You looked amazing in this. Really liked that you styled this in your own hair.

Kei Lin Sama avatar

Kei Lin Sama - 26th August 2013
I glimpsed you at LFCC! That's your own hair?! You look incredible

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 30th July 2014
Great to see this again at LFCC. Love the new photos.