Costume :Morgana Pendragon
Variant :First seen in 'The Poisoned Chalice'
Source :Merlin (BBC)
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Full reference.

Torso reference.

Back reference.

Jewellery reference.

Hair reference.

Crown reference.



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To-Do List

Mock-up of purple satin underdress.HighComplete
Fabric shopping.HighComplete
Add chunk of fabric to the back of purple dress? Basically, make it fit!HighPlanned
Cut fabric for both dresses.MediumComplete
Assemble both dresses.MediumIn Progress
Track down appropriate jewellery.LowIn Progress

Shopping List

Additional jewels for necklace.£1.09Bought
Black heels - Already owned.£0.00Bought
Dress pattern - Already owned.£0.00Bought
Gold applique for bust.£3.94Bought
Forehead tikka.£16.99Bought
Natural black lacefront wig.£24.99Bought
Beaded gold trim for elbow cuffs - Half-a-metre.£1.25Bought
Gold lace for sleeves - Half-a-metre.£1.75Bought
Blue/purple chiffon for overdress - Five metres.£12.50Bought
Purple satin for underdress - Three-and-a-half metres.£9.00Bought
Four butterfly hair clips.£2.25Bought
Base necklace.£2.00Bought
Gold jewelled band ring.£1.20Bought
Black oval ring - Already owned.£0.00Bought
Silver oval ring - Already owned.£0.00Bought
Large green precious stone ring.£0.66Bought
Silver jewelled curved ring.£1.00Bought
Gold flower trim for belt (???)£0.00To Buy
Gold/bronze chandelier earrings.£0.00To Buy


Crappy satin mock-up ftw. (Posted 2nd May 2013)

Tonight’s endeavour - Bit dodgy because one side isn’t tacked up yet, I need to alter both the front and back neckline into v-shapes and shorten the shoulders, but it’s working out. I know they don’t feature on Morgana’s, but the curves of the princess seams down the front look really nice, so I might keep them in and have the blue outerdress follow the same lines. And the train looks super princessy! :D

Success down Goldhawk Road. (Posted 30th April 2013)

First round of fabric shopping for Morgana, for May Expo:
* The pattern is one I already had from way back when, with Merida in mind, and should pass, with a few modifications.
* The most gorgeous colour-changy blue and purple chiffon that I am positively in love with for the outer dress.
* Obligatory action figure ;)
* Gold lace for the sleeves, which legitimately look like medieval arm-warmers.
* Black and gold beaded trim possibly for the arm cuffs, but I don’t know if I like it enough.
* Crappy purple satin to make a mock-up of the under dress. I have my eye on some perfect fabric - Just need to work out the logistics of my pattern first!
Hoping to make a start within the next couple of days - Really looking forward to this :D