Costume :Ema Skye
Source :Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Alcon 2009

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Part 1 - Investigation

Ace Attorney fans unite!


Forensic Science

Let's spray some Luminol!

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Costume Information

Cost : About £25 since a lot of the pieces were bought for me (thank you everyone T___T)

First planned cosplay of 2009. I've been really happy with my previous cosplays but I want to try doing some more complex outfits and not tying most of it together at the last minute.

I just love Ema, both in PW and AJ (though I played AJ first so that's the Ema I know better haha). She's intelligent and moody, absent-minded and so obviously has the hots for sexy Klav (just like me!). She's been a must for me to cosplay ever since I finished the game, and wearing her to ALcon was amazing.

I got so many pics taken along with my Klavier costumed boyfriend and we even managed to get a PW group together for pics!
I also wore Ema at the masquerade and it was nerve racking. I was advised to shout 'OBJECTION' right at the end to get rid of my nerves and so I did and I think I made a few people laugh.

The hair was a little bit difficult to get just the way I wanted it, but I have to say I'm more than happy with the result. I'll definately be wearing her again!


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I saw you at Alcon! You were an awesome Ema ^.^

by Kirei on Tuesday, 8 September, 2009 - 09:53

To-Do List

Buy Brown 3-Q trousersHighComplete
Buy Lab CoatHighComplete
Get Waistcoat adjustedMediumComplete
Paint Sunglasses and VarnishMediumComplete
Buy Red NeckerchiefMediumComplete
Buy Pink ShirtMediumComplete
Buy SunglassesMediumComplete
Buy and glue pink Ribbon to NeckerchiefMediumComplete
Buy green waistcoatMediumComplete
Find/Buy bag and add extras if neededLowComplete


Nearly done... (Posted 29th August 2009)

Getting there slowly but surely! I just need to make the badge for her bag and I think I'm sorted. I'm gonna have to practice styling my hair like hers though T___T

That's gonna be the hard part.

Success! (Posted 3rd August 2009)

My waistcoat got adjusted and looks fine now!

I tried the entire costume on and it looks great, I just need to get the hair extras and add the trim onto the neckscarf

Problems. (Posted 2nd August 2009)

So there was a bit of a problem with the waistcoat in that it didn't quite fit >.< And after James spent all that money on it too.

However I am in the process of 'possibly' having it adjusted and if not I have a backup waiting for me. It's not as good but a back up is a back up. So fingers crossed I can get this waistcoat adjusted, I'll find out by Monday anyway.

WAISTCOAT! (Posted 25th July 2009)

Had a bit of a problem this morning, I've been looking for months for the perfect waistcoat and it ifnally comes up on eBay and I forgot to bid on it T__T However, my boyfriend felt bad for me so he decided to e-mail the lady for anything similar, so she raided her wardrobe and found one for me and to top it all off he paid for it entirely as a gift ^___^ I'm very lucky I guess.

I should get it on Tuesday WHOOOO!

Lab Coat! (Posted 24th May 2009)

Got my lab coat the other day YAY! It looks awesome (I hope).

Also got a pink shirt but I haven't glued the pink ribbon to the red neckerchief yet as I didn't realise it required ironing (I'm too clumsy to trust myself to do that alone). So slow progress still but we'll get there :D

Ema Costume Progress Update (Posted 2nd April 2009)

Ema's glasses are now finished and I have managed to track down some perfect trousers for the outfit.
Also got all the materials for her neckerchief now, just need to put it all together.
This cosplay is proving to be a lot harder than I thought it would at first, the wig and labcoat shouldn't be a problem but the waistcoat and bag are getting hard to find.