Costume :Kaniehtí:io
Source :Assassin's Creed III
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Ziio (I don't want to write so much, so I use her nickname) is such a difficult character, so many details. I hate her character design SO MUCH. But I cosplay her for our Assassin's Creed cosplay group at Connichi 2013 (GER).

I started with drawing her. I had to get a feeling for her outfit (skirt, poncho and cape/jacket), so I could create the patterns. And it was really difficult. After plenty of hours searching for screencaps on tumblr I got the hang out of her design.

I have to order a black wig (70cm). It would be the first time for my to style a wig. Hopefully I don't fail at it.


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skirtHighIn Progress
poncho & capeLowIn Progress

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Skirt almost finished (Posted 29th March 2013)

So, after a lazy day of sewing the skirt, I'm almost finished. I just have to knit a white belt and sew it at waist heigh. And I have to cut a lot.

On the picture you can see the skirt. I have to shorten it more. But I'm happy with the result.