Costume :Sollux Captor
Variant :Default
Source :Homestuck - MS Paint Adventures
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Cardiff Film and Comic Con 2013

Costume Photos

a reference i guess idk


Costume Information

Cost : Around £60 or more.
Time Taken : A while due to procrastination.

This was initially planned for the London Film and Comic Convention but I'm now going to the Cardiff one instead with my bffsie Mina (MinaScene) who is cosplaying Aradia.
Anyway I want to dress as my patron troll Sollux. I wanted to go as him to my first con but I couldn't because of reasons. He's one of my favorite characters and I want to do him justice!

If you have some weird craving to read how it's coming along, just read the journal. Or get checked out. That doesn't sound healthy.


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To-Do List

get some body paintHighComplete
shoes i will strut in yoHighComplete
i need to make horns that will be difficult to make wowHighComplete
obtain those damn glassesHighComplete
style dat sugoi wig that i will buyHighComplete
buy a sugoi wigHighComplete
buy and modify a shirt and yeahHighComplete
get a binder lolMediumComplete
change the colour of the shoe solesLowComplete
buy better jeans because my other ones suckLowPlanned

Shopping List

Face Paint£3.35Bought


wow (Posted 28th April 2014)

A year later and I found a selfie on my old iPod of me in my Sollux Cosplay so I used it as my icon. I'm so sorry.

DONE (Posted 1st September 2013)

i looked luscious and fab at cardiff comic con except i have no photos to upload so yeah brb

Almost Finished Hallelujah (Posted 29th August 2013)

The glasses arrived quicker than expected. I made my horns out of homemade clay (I couldn't afford Model Magic). It doesn't look smooth despite attempting to sand them multiples of times. They look more like bone but I guess that'll do. I just need to put glaze or gloss or whatever on them and glue them to a headband. The horns would probably end up cracking if I tried using a nail.
I glued my fangs to an old retainer so yeah. It looks OK.
I also had no money to buy the official Sollux shirt so I painted the symbol onto a black shirt instead. I really hope this cosplay turns out better than this process suggests.
I will paint the bottom of my shoe sole if I have the time.

ok this entry isnt entirely pointless (Posted 15th August 2013)

I've got my wig and have started to style it despite having no experience. The con is only in a few weeks and I hardly have any money left so I guess I will have to stick with those skinny jeans I didn't want to use. Haha cosplay, more like COSTPAY.
I had no idea how to make glasses so i resorted to buying them online. I am panicking and hoping they will arrive in time (they are shipping from America asdfghjkl)
I lied in the last post. Snazaroo isn't that easy to apply and I suck at everything I do. Nyeeeeeeh.
If my glasses don't arrive in time, then I will go nuts with yellow paint and splatter it all over my shirt, and then use black eyeshadow on my eyes so whenever I have a photo taken I could just close my eyes and pass for blind Sollux or something.
I've decided to paint the one shoe sole with white paint and my aunty suggested I coat it with vaseline afterwards for some reason idk.
I also need a chest binder but my mum won't let me use one so me and my friend will try to make one for my cosplay because we are sneaky rapscallions.
Also, my mum keeps buying me things for a Meulin cosplay I wasn't planning on doing.

bluh (Posted 14th June 2013)

I haven't updated this in a while. I'm not wearing my cosplay to the London Film and Comic Con anymore so yeah. I'm wearing it to the Cardiff one instead, with my awesome friend who will be cosplaying Aradia with me. I'm looking forward to it and it also gives me more time to make this cosplay so hooray!
I have a shirt too which should be okay. I'm worried about how to apply the gemini symbol though. I mean, my experiences with transfers is bad, and I don't think I'll be good at painting it... heh...
Yeaaaah, nothing new has really happened what was the point in writing this.

ok (Posted 3rd April 2013)

My mum just suggested I use shoe whitener to make the black soles white.

All is well again.

hmmm (Posted 3rd April 2013)

so i asked my mum to buy me baggier jeans. she said ok.
tbh i dont care about the lack of laces on my slip-ons anymore.

ok i lied, i actually do, but i will have to deal with it.
it would be easier to deal with if the black shoe actually had white soles like sollux does but wOW I CAN LITERALLY SEE MYSELF SLOWLY SLIP INTO INSANITY IN THESE JOURNAL LOGS HAHA THIS IS WHAT COSPLAY DOES TO ME BYe

oh no (Posted 2nd April 2013)

i changed my mind i dont want those skinny jeans i want baggy jeans omg what do i do my mum paid £11 for those jeans im going to hell bye

Ugh (Posted 30th March 2013)

I've made his fangs but the glue I was given to apply them really sucks. It gets everywhere and the fangs don't even stay on.
I also need to buy some light grey snazaroo face paint and crayola model magic clay to make his horns with. I made the mistake of not buying either of them for my last con. I also have the idea of sewing the horns into my wig instead of sticking them onto a headband… yeah… that sounds better.
Oh, and I need to buy a new black shirt to paint the gemini symbol on there with.

I still have no idea how I'm going to make Sollux's glasses.

It's A Start (Posted 25th March 2013)

So far I have bought shoes and skinny jeans which altogether costed £17. They're pretty inaccurate though; considering Sollux has those jeans which are kinda baggy (in my opinion anyways) but meh. I thought the skinnies would've looked cool.
The shoes on the other hand… Well I didn't think Sollux had laces so I bought two pairs of white and black slip-ons. Turns out he does have laces. Curse you Hussie for giving Sollux the laces I didn't know about!!
Well, there is still a lot to be done. It looks like the hardest things I need to make are his awesome glasses and to style the wig I will soon buy. Seriously, are you aware of how much pollution I will end up causing attempting to style the thing?!
I'm just glad I've got the jeans and shoes sorted out right now.