Costume :Alex Weiss
Source :Tomb Raider (reboot)
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :Manchester MCM Expo 2013

Costume Photos

Fully Healed Tattoo

Esc Shirt

Wrist tattoo


Costume Information

Cost : £10.52

Well i grew up idolising Lara Croft (as most little girls do) and wanting to be like her! I have the same hair and stature and my mum used to tell me i was just like her xD

Im 22 now and realised i'll never be like her as ultimately I'm just a bit too lazy, geeky and a bit too unfocused, Too quiet, Im a slacker and a dreamer. I will always be just one step behind people who are lives 'main characters'

Then came along the Tomb Raider reboot and with it came the Gorgeously geeky Alex Weiss! :D A lazy geeky caffeine addict with the same hobbies and principles as me! I fell in love with this guy and at first decided just to make his shirt. Before you know it I've got the whole Cosplay planned! And better yet I'm actually an MCM expo dealer! So i hope my Cosplay will draw fans into my stand for a chat! :D (I love meeting people at these things, Its the best part of the job!)

So far I've got the shirt which I'm currently cutting out a stencil to transfer the ESC key onto :) Ive also got the glasses and his wristband.
Still planning the rest but I'm so excited to debut it! :D Iv'e not seen a girl Cosplay Alex yet either so that will be very interesting!


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To-Do List

Fringe Cut and hair styleHighPlanned
Buy Gun holsters and pistolsMediumPlanned

Shopping List

Black Converse£7.00To Buy
Haircut - Fringe only, Not cutting off my hair! D:£30.00To Buy
Belt£7.00To Buy