ballet shoes

Costume :Harold Lloyd
Variant :Safety Last
Source :Safety Last (Silent movie)
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :AyaCon 2013

Costume Photos

full length reference back

full length reference front


Costume Information

My other obsession other than general geekyness is vintage dancing/fashion/music/movies etc so to have a chance to combine the two was something that I could not pass up so as such this is to accompany Shazz's fabulous Buster Keaton in prat falling around the con and generally having a laugh. Buster and Harold are my favourite silent stars so it had to be Harold. The plan is to do this grey scale so it looks as if we are actually in a silent movie so I'll be doing a make up test pretty soon with some snazzaroo and powder to see how it works. I have most of the costume already, just need to cut and style a black wig I already have and sort the glasses and voila done!! Regardless if anyone recognises us this will be a lot of fun and a great opportunity to merge my two greatest loves :)


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Oooh, going back a bit! I never thought anyone ever did characters from black and white films (except perhaps Laurel and Hardy who are my favs) Looks cool :)

I wonder if anyone would do Harold Zoid to complement it :P the pioneer of silent holographics!

by Andrew Armstrong on Wednesday, 27 March, 2013 - 00:19
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"A pair of glasses and a smile!" 8)
I wish I was going to Aya to see this (or get involved). Are you going to make up some caption cards so you can "talk" to people?
(Try this one -

by PandoraCaitiff on Wednesday, 27 March, 2013 - 14:09
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Aww yeeeeeah *flails* Chaplin can go take a long walk off a short cliff tbh :P Buster and Harold FTW

p.s Ignore my other question in the thread I see you are doing the full make up :)

by Shazz on Thursday, 28 March, 2013 - 12:52
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Thanks very much for the interest guys!! To be honest I don't think I've ever seen any silent film era characters being cosplayed before (aside from Laurel and Hardy) and I doubt this would ever have come about if it wasn't for Shazz's fabulous group idea!!

Shazz - It's going to be beyond awesome!! Yep, when I've done a make up test I'll let you know so you can see what you think. I'm guessing snazzaroo plus pressed powder plus a little bit of playing around will be best?

by ballet shoes on Friday, 29 March, 2013 - 13:39
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Yeah I got snazaroo and stargazer pressed powder, but for me the Snazaroo doesn't really have that good coverage :( My friend advised me against using it and if you want a good thick make to use Ben Nye? And also the powder for that. I'm not sure how much but I don't think it's that expensive.
I tried a bit on at my friend's house and it covers really well!

I'm just waiting on the wig to arrive now eee :D

by Shazz on Monday, 1 April, 2013 - 11:46
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Ah that's great I'll look into getting that and the powder as I have a lot of pesky freckles so will need good coverage to get rid of the blighters. Also what are you using on your lips?

Ooooooo can't wait for a wig progress pic!!

by ballet shoes on Thursday, 4 April, 2013 - 17:01