Costume :Yu Meiren/Beauty Yu
Variant :Fury/Awakened
Source :Dynasty Warriors Strike Force 2
Progress :Complete
Worn At :SunnyCon 2013

Costume Photos



Killing You Softly...


Sweet Blossoms


Floral Flywheel


Hula Hoop of Death

Field Poppy

Lu Xun and Yu Meiren



Costume Information

Cost : £140
Time Taken : Approximately 2 weeks over the course of a month

In 2012, Blood/Sugar decided as a group we were going to start entering contests in 2013. We had planned to do it for May Expo, but when we heard about the Sunnycon (which we were already planning to attend as Dealers) contest we thought, why not, it's good practice and we have a chance at 3rd place if we work hard. We didn't place, but what we did gain was a huge amount of confidence in our skills as makers and two really kickass cosplays we'll deffinately be rewearing to future events.

We chose Dynasty Warriors because Zomboi loves Lu Xun and the series in general. I havent played it personally, but I thought the design was gorgeous and would be a really good challenge. It actually turned out to be easier to make than I thought it would.

Also, congratulations to the Sunnycon contest winners, well done guys! :D


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Great adaption. You look gorgeous =D

by Kacela on Sunday, 24 March, 2013 - 23:58

Wow, thank you, that was fast! I wasn't expecting a comment so soon. Cheers! :)

by Pudding on Monday, 25 March, 2013 - 00:11
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I was pretty excited to see another fury Yu Meiren cosplayer XD She's a fantastic character to create; so beautiful! I really like your take on her and I'm flattered that mine inspired you. Really great work!

by Kacela on Monday, 25 March, 2013 - 00:18
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Hubba hubba! Really like this, it's pretty different to other stuff you've made so far but it shows your versatility! I'd love to see it in person some day :)

by Mighty Odango on Monday, 25 March, 2013 - 09:21
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So beautiful! Great work on the costume and really nice photos to show it off :)

by Amy-Lou on Monday, 25 March, 2013 - 10:45
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You looked so purdy in this, the only flaw was the glittery chair you left behind n how my butt ended up sparkly lol!

by Raine on Tuesday, 26 March, 2013 - 14:00
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Bootiful :D

by Zomboi on Saturday, 30 March, 2013 - 16:17

Thanks everyone! And, I'll deffo be wearing this again sometime, Nette so you'll get to see it eventually. :D I think I need to add a bit more volume to the skirt for next time and I have lots of lights for night-time glowy shots sometime :D

by Pudding on Tuesday, 30 April, 2013 - 16:47
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:D oh my its flowered!! hehe I love it, I like the alterations you've made. It looked fab.

by Clockwork Dandy Noodles on Monday, 5 May, 2014 - 17:24


Wig Progress (Posted 23rd March 2014)

The wig got styled, by Zombi, the night before the con in the hotel. lol.

Headpiece Progress Part 3 (Posted 23rd March 2014)

Part 3, spray-painting. This was the second last thing I finished. Pretty much 2 days before the con at Zomboi's house because I'd run out of spray paint.

Headpiece Progress Part 2 (Posted 23rd March 2014)

Part 2. Embossing.

Headpiece Progress Part 1 (Posted 23rd March 2014)

I broke out the soldering iron for this (go-go stained-glass making skillz!), though the embossing aluminium had to be hot-glued because aluminium does not take to soldering.

Skirt Progress Part 2 (Posted 23rd March 2014)

At some stage in the construction of this I gave up on life & decided not to make the rest of the petals because I was running out of time, energy and had no more fraks to give, so the finished skirt is shorter than it should be. I will probably remake the skirt at some stage in the future, but it's easy to transport. I also wanted to make it glow in the dark but (like the lack of flowers on the other side of the hula hoop of death) I ran out of money for glowy thingies/paint.

Skirt Progress Part 1 (Posted 23rd March 2014)

Soooooo many petalsssssssssssssss!!!!!!!

Airbrush Progress (Posted 23rd March 2014)

Obviously I did this at some stage in the bodysuit construction.

Bodysuit Progress 3 (Posted 23rd March 2014)

Part 3.

Bodysuit Progress 2 (Posted 23rd March 2014)

Part 2.

Bodysuit Progress 1 (Posted 23rd March 2014)

Before I handed off my weapon to Zomboi, I'd already done the bodysuit (hence why I'd hit my hand-sewing limit... so many flowers...) by that point.

Weapon Progress Part 5 (Posted 23rd March 2014)

Zomboi did most of the hand sewing on of flowers in exchange for me doing his machine embroidery & sewing the jacket as we both got mightily sick of the repetitive tasks involved in our own costumes.

Weapon Progress Part 4 (Posted 23rd March 2014)

Part 4.

Weapon Progress Part 3 (Posted 23rd March 2014)

Part 3.

Weapon Progress Part 2 (Posted 23rd March 2014)

Part 2.

Weapon Progress Part 1 (Posted 23rd March 2014)

So, I kind of started with the prop instead of the main body of the costume as I actually had a bunch of stuff lying about for it already & I got a bit overexcited about the hula hoop of death also. Plus, the base hoop was the first thing to arrive anyway.

Lu Xun Embroidery Board (Posted 23rd March 2014)

I also drew out & did Zomboi's embroidery as I AM a digital textile designer after all, might as well put my degree to good use, haha! ;P

Yu Meiren Embroidery Board (Posted 23rd March 2014)

Next I broke out the machine embroidery software to test out my new toy.

Yu Meiren Weapons Logistics Board (Posted 23rd March 2014)

Next, how in the heck to get a hula hoop of death in a suitcase? This is how.

Yu Meiren Costume Logistics Board (Posted 23rd March 2014)

OK, so I'd figured out I'd be happy enough as the character & that it could be done with these two hands of mine, but how to go about it? Being able to easily transport it to the land of Eng hand to be take into account & I have a bunch of added issues due to being a disabled little bugger, so being able to get in/out of it easily with minimal help had to be one of the most important considerations. The last thing you want is to end up in A&E in a rediculous cosplay filled with epi-pen holes that the medics might further ruin by having to cut you out of to resuscitate you or whatever. Yeah, my priorities are TOTALLY straight. lol.

Yu Meiren Cosplay Inspiration Board (Posted 23rd March 2014)

Once I felt like I understood her character well enough to be comfortable actually wearing the costume. I've done enough costumes for groups/Zomboi/Raine where I've felt super uncomfortable the entire time I was wearing it because I didn't like the character, so I wanted to be sure I did this time BEFORE I started making it. I also wanted to make sure that I even COULD make it into something for a real human being to wear at my current skill level, so I went looking for inspiration from other cosplayers. At the time, not many had attempted her, so these brave pioneers were my only finds & they really helped me to work out how to make the headpiece in particular.

Yu Meiren Character Reference Board (Posted 23rd March 2014)

For the same reasons, I thought it would be helpful if I knew more about her character, which was useful for putting on a badass, regal, take no prisoners attitude. lol.

Yu Meiren Pose Reference Board (Posted 23rd March 2014)

I located a few more ref images that were useful to the construction further down the line & as we thought we had to perform for the contest (though we never got to do our kickass performance in the end) I also had to learn how to pose and move like the character. Especially as I am a slouchy bag of potatoes usually. lol.

Yu Meiren Costume Reference Board (Posted 23rd March 2014)

So I just realised that I never uploaded any of the progress boards/book for this costume, bad Pudding! This is the Cosplay Ref. Board with all the pics I managed to gather of the character.