Alias Cosplay

Costume :Elizabeth
Source :Bioshock Infinite
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Time rots everything. Even Hope.

Always a lighthouse, always a man, always a city.

Bioshock Infinite, Elizabeth and Booker

Not stars. They're doors. To everywhere.

Give us the girl. Wipe away the debt.

Don't fear me

Lamb of Columbia

Booker, are you afraid of God?


Booker and Elizabeth

Bioshock Infinite duo

Elizabeth and Booker



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Im glad you finally put it up, your the spitting image of her!

by ryaoki on Saturday, 23 March, 2013 - 16:01
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You will look amazing as Elizabeth hun! You look so much like her!

by Littlegeeky on Saturday, 23 March, 2013 - 19:15
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Yaaaay Bioshock love! ^.^ Can't wait!

by Alinthia on Sunday, 24 March, 2013 - 03:33
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OMG you're going to suit this SO well!

by sjbonnar on Monday, 25 March, 2013 - 14:17
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Really looking forward to this now!

by Leadmill on Sunday, 21 July, 2013 - 03:20
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The progress is looking amazing. The corset is looking really well done.

by Sephirayne on Sunday, 8 September, 2013 - 17:32
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Yes yes yes!

by Leadmill on Sunday, 8 September, 2013 - 20:29
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This is looking fantastic already

by Zelvyne on Sunday, 22 September, 2013 - 16:29
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Really looking forward to seeing this! You'll be PERFECT. =D

by hollysocks on Monday, 23 September, 2013 - 09:23
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This is looking beautiful <3 can't wait to see it all done!

by Exelia on Wednesday, 25 September, 2013 - 10:39
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Beautiful. I love the drape of the skirt.

by Mighty Odango on Wednesday, 9 April, 2014 - 08:31
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You look fantastic. So beautiful. And the pictures are lovely too. Great job!!

by Yasmia on Wednesday, 9 April, 2014 - 19:13
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*___* You make such a perfect Elizabeth. It's just sooooooo gorgeous <3

by Tigerlilycosplay on Saturday, 12 April, 2014 - 12:55
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Such a lovely Elizabeth and the photos are beautiful

by ToroSonyCat on Wednesday, 7 May, 2014 - 14:41

To-Do List

Ankle bootsLowComplete
Choker and cameoLowComplete
Velvet fabricLowIn Progress
Corset and bias trimLowPlanned
Skirt patternLowPlanned
Bolero patternLowPlanned


Bolero complete (Posted 14th October 2013)

I added the sleeves and altered collar, adding a medium weight interfacing to it.
I altered a jacket sleeve band from another pattern for the white cuffs, turning them over and adding poppers with the non functional buttons as it was easier to fasten.
The corset panel was fabric sprayed navy blue, but I'm replacing the blue with black cord as the dye didn't take perfectly.

Bolero progress (Posted 14th October 2013)

I altered a Butterick 3345 cape jacket pattern, removing the back seam and taking it in a considerable amount so that it fitted like a bolero.

Skirt complete (Posted 22nd September 2013)

Skirt with hemline unfinished and complete, hemmed up against the petticoat underneath.

Skirt progress (Posted 22nd September 2013)

Using the same Simplicity 5006 Lingerie Pattern I used for the petticoat, I removed a lot of fabric from the sides and back panels to make it hang nicely. I drafted my own waistband and added an invisible zip.

Corset alterations (Posted 8th September 2013)

Added bias tape and lace trim along the top edge. The panel and corset cord will be darkened to a navy blue.

Corset, petticoat, boots (Posted 21st August 2013)

I'm going to try other corsets but this is the best so far that gives the best shape and support. It is a white taffeta steal boned bridal corset and wasn't cheap! The trim along the top needs to be added and of course the black detail and the lacing cord need's to be swapped for navy.
I modified a Simplicity 5006 Lingerie Pattern, making the petticoat, making the pleating tighter to create more volume. I used this pattern as the bottom section of the petticoat started high enough to give enough lift under the weight of the skirt, helping to keep the shape better.
Victorian style ankle boots were bought.