Costume :James "Jem" Carstairs
Variant :Grey suit.
Source :The Infernal Devices
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Alcon 2014

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reference for the cane

sorta ref


Costume Information

Well, it was kinda a given I was going to cosplay him from when I read the first book. Now the manga is out, I have better references to base him off. However I'll be taking the outfit colouring from the book cover as it looks nicer and more authentic.
For a future group with
Kirarayumi as Will.
Whitewraith as Tessa.

Also I believe we have now gained ourselves a Jessamine, Charlotte and Henry!

EDIT: Wore at Kitacon 2014 along with my Will, Tessa, Jessamine, Charlotte and Henry. Rewearing at Alcon 2014 with my Tessa. (this is possibly the last time I wear Jem in the current incarnation as I'll probably remake the jacket and such for the future)


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Cannot waaaait! 8D You're gonna suit Jem so much!
It's gonna be fun doing the marks~

by KiraraYumi on Friday, 22 March, 2013 - 22:14
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Aw, I hope so!! Can't wait for you to be my Parabatai!

by InfiniteJester on Saturday, 23 March, 2013 - 09:58
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I so cant wait to see this. I'm hoping to do Jem at some point in the future too he's on my "to do list" a long with about a million other costumes but shhhhh lol

by naurarwen on Sunday, 9 June, 2013 - 14:48
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I know this feel! So much Cassandra Clare costumes planned! I'll have to break out Victorian Magnus if you do Jem :)

by InfiniteJester on Sunday, 9 June, 2013 - 21:03

Looking so great. :). ^_^

by Stik_Man on Friday, 26 July, 2013 - 19:41
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Aw, thanks!

by InfiniteJester on Friday, 26 July, 2013 - 19:43
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Yes yes yes yes! This is gorgeous!

by isamiaella on Saturday, 27 July, 2013 - 03:28
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I am so excited for this to finally happen! You make a great Jem :D
Can't wait to cosplay Tessa with you!

by WhiteWraith on Saturday, 27 July, 2013 - 11:11
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ashdfdg thank you both so much!!

by InfiniteJester on Saturday, 27 July, 2013 - 11:38
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*falls in love, swoons, collapses in heap* this is so freaking awesome

by naurarwen on Saturday, 27 July, 2013 - 14:26
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*picks you up* Ahhh, thank you so much! <3

by InfiniteJester on Saturday, 27 July, 2013 - 18:49
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*also swoons and collapses*
My parabatai, you're gonna be the death of me with your perfection and you know it! Got way to much excitement for thiiiiiiiis aaaaah trio times!! <3

by KiraraYumi on Saturday, 27 July, 2013 - 18:52
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Thanking you for the pick up *fans self and KiraraYumi* I really hope when I do Jem I can do it this well.

by naurarwen on Saturday, 27 July, 2013 - 21:58
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Nuhhh, shush, I haven't even made his outfit yet!! Sure you'll make an awesome Jem though!

by InfiniteJester on Sunday, 28 July, 2013 - 19:06
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Looking good twin

by naurarwen on Wednesday, 25 December, 2013 - 20:06
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asdfhfhk well, thank you :P (we should totally twin it up some time actually!)

by InfiniteJester on Wednesday, 25 December, 2013 - 21:56
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Excuse me whilst I cry over this perfection, you make an amazing Jem! Best Jem <3

by WhiteWraith on Friday, 4 April, 2014 - 08:26
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OH my God this is sO PERFECT

by Rift Mage Cosplay on Thursday, 4 December, 2014 - 15:41
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Asjdhgjfjl thank you so much! :)

by InfiniteJester on Thursday, 4 December, 2014 - 20:33
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I'm meeting a few friends for the London MCM in May 2016 on Saturday it'll be awesome to meet ya and a few others

by This Little Nephilim on Monday, 14 September, 2015 - 15:07

To-Do List

cravat pinLowComplete
hat coverLowComplete
sword caneLowComplete
tail coatLowComplete
pocket watchLowComplete


Cane complete (Posted 20th March 2014)

So the clay thankfully set and has had multiple layers of spray paint to finish. I'm not too keen on the bright silver effect it has though so once the con is over and I have spare money, will likely respray in a darker silver.

Cane wip (Posted 9th March 2014)

Started the cane today - moulded the dragon from air dry clay but considering this a trial run really as I have a feeling it's going to be too top heavy and will likely break fast. Won't have time to try another method before the con now so if this doesn't work out I'll just have to make one at a later date when I rewear.

Prop making (Posted 18th January 2014)

Hacked an old halloween prop apart to use the pipe for the walking cane - will hopefully get some clay or other material to mould the dragon head for it at some point.

DONE (Posted 14th January 2014)

I sewed on the buttons to waistcoat the other night though I forgot that the trim made it smaller so had to resew them on. Made the button holes today so waistcoat is done. Made the cravat today too which was surprisingly painless considering I've not done one before - pleased it was easy to make anyway. Jem is basically done now, just waiting for the shirt to arrive. Undecided whether i'm going to use a brooch I already have for the cravat - it has a purple jem and i'd prefer a grey or jade one for him but money is dwindling so this might be an item I get at a later date. Hoping to still make his cane if I have time though buying his violin also looks to be left for a later date due to finances.

Last bits (Posted 9th January 2014)

The tailcoat is totally complete now after spending the day hemming the front and adding lapels and collar. The seams still fray a little on the inside but nothing much more I can do about that with my current skills - at least it doesn't show! Still undecided whether going to make the chinese front clasp or not, or keep it as an open tailcoat as I think that would look nicer to be able to see the waistcoat. Trim has been sewn onto the waistcoat too, so I just have to sew on the buttons which will be done 2mos likely as my neck hurts too much for more sewing today. Shirt is on it's way (ordered one with a wingtip collar) and I have the material to make the tie/cravat with. All in all this costume is almost done aside from props which I'm leaving until a later date.

Almost done!! (Posted 4th January 2014)

Been making progress on the tailcoat over the last week or so - it's all together and hemmed apart from the front fastenings as I need to find the right chinese clasp and trim first before that can be measured accurately. Added on the tails now (though the back join isn't as neat as I'd have liked it to be). Still needs the lapels, collar and buttons added but almost done! Can't do much more until I get the last bits from the fabric shop to finish.

Top Hat done (Posted 28th December 2013)

Made a cover for the top hat today - it went relatively smoothly despite me realising halfway through that I need to 2 brim panels as I forgot on my base hat the underneath can be seen. It needs a bit of neatening up still and a nicer ribbon (this one in the photo is just for show, not the final one) but done! Aiming to get the tailcoat finished during next week as I've only got to set in sleeves, hem, add the tails and sort the lapels and collar.

progress... (Posted 24th December 2013)

Sewed all the panelling together so the top part is pretty much in one piece, bar setting in the sleeves - still need to add the tails too. Managed to actually make the fitting accurate for once so shouldn't need much more than hemming to do once that's complete! Aiming to get this completely finished before I head back to uni so can get along with other costumes.

Tailcoat start (Posted 19th December 2013)

Cut out the fabric for the tailcoat tonight - it's over large currently as can be seen from the photo and only pinned to the mannequin here but you can start to see the basic shape. (fabric also needs ironed as can be seen from the massive crease on one panel). The hat as seen here still needs to be covered in the same fabric.

Waistcoat 90% complete (Posted 18th December 2013)

I swear everything that could have gone wrong with this waistcoat did. I seemed to forget all my sewing routine while doing it, resulting in some errors - luckily the trim should hide most of them! Just need to buy some nice silver buttons or chinese clasps for it and lace trim. I've also added in a pocket for a pocketwatch to be put into (surprisingly that went well considering it was my first time actually putting pockets in anything!). Onto starting the tailcoat next!

first fabric (Posted 6th October 2013)

Gonna try and cheat if possible and use grey suit trousers I already have as the shade contrast is nice. Bought the base fabric for the tail coat and hat cover today - will find a nice white (possibly brocade or patterned) fabric for the waistcoat at a later date.

Tester (Posted 26th July 2013)

Tried out a make up and wig test today for Jem.