Costume :Hikaru Shidou
Variant :First Armor Variant
Source :Magic Knight Rayeath
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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More MKR love! Yes! Looking forward to seeing this! ^_^

by SlimDefinition on Wednesday, 10 April, 2013 - 17:40

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Hikaru light up jewel£8.00To Buy
Hikaru Sword£20.00To Buy


Items Won!! (Posted 29th March 2013)

Thankfully I have won both the items I wanted!! I am completely over the moon, not for their starting prices but I am now waiting for them to arrive in the Celga warehouse ^^

Hikaru Sword (Posted 22nd March 2013)

Also on the great Yahoo Japan sight I have found a brilliant sword replica. I believe this seller has modified the small toy that you can buy which lights up and makes noise. Unfortunately some play the sailor moon tracks xD I'm not sure if this one still lights up and makes noise as the seller doesn't actually say.
But for 1,500 Yen I am not complaining ^^

Hikaru light up jewel (Posted 22nd March 2013)

I've managed to find a nice cheap version of Hikaru's jewel on the brilliant Yahoo Japan auction site, surprisingly the item is only 300 yen which makes out to be around £3! LUCKY!!!
So I am going to be stalking this glove to make sure I win it!! xD
Of course the final price is a little more as you have to pay someone to bid so that's £6 then postage and packing on top but still a great bit of kit to own if I actually win it ^^

Two quick vids to show you what the glove does! -