Costume :Rita Repulsa
Source :Power Rangers
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

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Rita and Zedd Reference

Rita Reference


Costume Information

I originally made this for a villian's party and seemed to go down very well. At some point I plan to do this up a bit so that I can reuse some of it for an Expo or something as it was a fun costume!

Unfortunatly, I don't think I have any photos of it in a completed state, so may gather up the pieces and re-wear what I have in order to get some - especially when I made the dress, shoulder thing, chest thing (._.) head-piece and (mostly) staff.

The number of people I impaled with my Madonna boobs... <_< >_>;

Headpiece was definitely the most fun part to make, I brought a sturdy Robin Hood style hat to give me head something that wouldn't make the head piece turn too much, and then used a polystyrene half-bowl to attach to it to start shaping the head. Two card cones, painted, two white wigs (sprayed light grey) wound around the cones - I used a hair-tie and tape to secure the ends near the top, then covered over the secured sections with spare strips of the brown, ripped up.

The wigs were then glued together to form a middle "parting" and more brown material was wrapped around the lower sections to mask the edges of them (fortunately this is the way Rita has her hair done too...) Stuffed newspaper and papier-mache for the rim, with a single red jewel glued to the front and then the rest of the rim was painted. Two sections of cord were also glued in to hand around my face.

The black head-wrap was separate, I used a free sarong that I had sitting around for years, and wrapped that over me head, clipping it together at the top with hair clips (which would be hidden by the hat).

Et voilĂ .

Shoulders were mostly cardboard, more gold cord and blue card triangles (for ease/speed) which I curled upwards. Chest Cones were cones with gold cord glued around them, attacked to a triangular cardboard base (painted black with cord) and then Velcro-ed to a black tank-top that I folded up underneath itself to shorten it (and still allow me to later unpick the velcro and reuse.

Staff was mostly cardboard and a papier-mached polystyrene ball painted red and black card.

Shame I couldn't get Sharp to do Zedd! :(


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