Costume :Hunter
Source :The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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I have wanted to make this costume for a loooong time, Hunter is one of my favourite characters from the Spyro franchise, and his Legend series design is a dream cosplay idea for me.

How I see it, he will be made up of two sides; him and his costume. To get the costume to look right, I will have to create a full (or as much as I can get away with so I can worry less about heat) fursuit, then create his outfit like it would be in his world. This will make him much more of a challenge but it will stretch my skills.

If I get him done in time, I will enter him into Eurocosplay 2014 this May.


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Shopping List

Cotton Balls£5.00Bought
Foam Board (A1)£5.00Bought
Acrylic Paints£0.00Bought
PVA Glue£3.00Bought
Springs£5.00To Buy
Resin Mix£15.00To Buy
Razor£25.00To Buy
Brown Fabric Paint £3.00To Buy
Feathers£4.00To Buy
Polymer Clay£5.00To Buy
White Fur Fabric£20.00To Buy
Clothes Fabric£20.00To Buy
Craft Foam£3.00To Buy