Costume :Miki Hoshii
Variant :eDEN
Source :iDOLM@STER
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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More Miki Miki~

I love this song, dance and outfit. Therefore I need to make this outfit and dance, but not necessarily dance in this humongous dress!


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Shopping List

5m black duchess satin£24.85Bought
14m dark grey bias binding£3.36Bought
Grey thread£1.42Bought
5m silver ribbon£1.60Bought
2m black lace£1.64Bought
1.5m black ribbon£0.63Bought
20 bells£2.60Bought


Base dress 50% (Posted 23rd October 2013)

I ran out of black thread and am busy all day tomorrow so only have Friday evening to sew everything... I highly doubt this will be done. Ah well, it was a fun 3 day challenge while it lasted... XD

I still need to add in a panel at the back of the bodice as it's a bit small, finish the hem of the skirt, sew the skirt to the bodice, hem the bodice, add in a zip, sew the black waistband... Basically I need a lot of black thread which I don't have.

Time Taken: 3hrs

Dress cut (Posted 22nd October 2013)

Everything is cut out except the waist band! Now I just have to sew it all up by my housemate has gone to bed and I don't want to wake him. I should be in bed too to be fair!

There's actually two half circles so that it makes a full circle skirt. I just didn't want to lay them both out.

Time Taken: 2hrs

Materials (Posted 22nd October 2013)

I went with a more silver ribbon than white as I thought it'd look better. Also went for lace instead of plain ribbon for the choker because I think it'd add more depth to the look.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a dark silver/grey satin bias binding so I have to use polycotton. I'd normally make my own but I really don't have the time or can be bothered!

Pattern ready (Posted 21st October 2013)

Literally speed drafted a bodice pattern in 20mins as I've made this sort of bodice a thousand times before and I was suppose to be asleep half an hour ago as I only had three hours sleep last night. Oops. Cutting and sewing the fabric tomorrow hopefully!
I was gonna rewear for Expo but I had crazy inspiration for a shoot. What's wrong with me?