Costume :Raphael
Variant :2007 and 2012 Mix
Source :Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Since I was kid I loved Raphael because he was, to me, relatable. But I had also been a Donatello type person.
I loved Raph in the live actions, but I loved Donatello in the games for both his character and his fighting preferences.
Because of this, I'll probably make an alternate mask and a staff for a possible future Donatello. And of course some different textures. I know I'm doing the cartoonized version from the new series, but I'll probably add a realistic touch to the belt, elbow and knee guards by using leather wraps and painted foam. My sister is making a human-ish version to make things easier, but I do kind of want to make some turtle features into foam or latex prosthetics. I'll hopefully have a group, but it might just be me and Leonardo.


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To-Do List

Turtle Chestplate thingHighPlanned
Turtle ShellHighPlanned
Long ass Ninja MaskHighPlanned
Brown Leather WristwrapsMediumPlanned
Brown Leather Knee PadsMediumPlanned
Brown Cotton Shoe-wrapsMediumPlanned
Brown Leather Tie-beltMediumPlanned
Sais (Weapons)MediumPlanned
Brown Leather Elbow PadsMediumPlanned