Costume :Nero
Source :Devil May Cry 4
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2012

Costume Photos

Waiting at the station

Group shot

Catching a train

Posing with Donte


Sitting on a bench...


Costume Information

Cost : Close to £200
Time Taken : Roughly 20 hours

I decided to finally fulfill a long running dream of mine and cosplay Nero from DMC4!

The coat was custom made by taking two denim jackets I sourced from charity shops, chopping them up and sewing them in to the design of Nero's jacket. I added on the buttons and studs which I purchased from ebay. The straps that go across the chest from the back of the coat, as well as the straps used for his stirrups, were leather strips I was able to source from Camden Market. The jacket was then lined on the inside with red satin.

The hooded vest was made by removing the hood from a red hoody I purchased and attaching it to the vest, which was made with strips of PVC fabric sewn together. This was worn over a standard black t-shirt I had in my closet.

The Devil Bringer was a challenge to make! Firstly, I decided it would be best to do the arm in parts, so that I could easily remove the hand to have full use of it. This was necessary in my case as I was planning on playing lots of games at the event I was going to.

Firstly, I did the hand. I purchased a pair of fancy dress demon gloves and layered on Acrylic paste to get the bubbled skin look. I then painted it over a few times with dark red and a neon blue to get the glowing look. The rest of the arm was done by measuring out plastic sheeting and layering it across my arm to get a form fitting structure. The sheeting was stuck together and pasted over a few times to give it layers, followed by a paint job. The pointed elbow shape was achieved by cutting out the shape from polystyrene and attaching it to the end of the arm with the inside scooped out to accommodate my actual elbow. To finish, I made it so that the arm can be easily taken on and off. It is attached on the inside of the forearm with tightly attached Velcro strips.

The biggest mistake I made with this costume was the hair. I experimented with using my own hair for a while and it seemed satisfactory. When it came to colouring it though, I opted for spray colour which was a big mistake. The final hair looks more grey than white unfortunately. If I ever go back to this, I'll definitely be using a wig!


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looking good man, nicely done with pulling of a decent looking Nero

by nanahara on Friday, 8 March, 2013 - 18:29