Costume :Malon (Cremia)
Source :The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :AyaCon 2013

Costume Photos

If I find a large jar, Chateau Romani might happen...

Lon Lon Ranch (OoT)



Cremia with Romani


Costume Information

I've been tempted to do a Zelda cosplay for a while and Malon has always been one of my favourite characters from the series. The design of her skirt, shirt and apron should be relatively easy and fun to make so I'm looking forward to adorning some pointy ears and wearing this one.

Plus I get to craft a bowser pin and a triforce buckle. \o/

I'm provisionally tagging this costume as Cremia as the plan is to do with Majora's Mask people at Ayacon and it's the same model. Plus Cremia is cool too. <3


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To-Do List

Material Shopping - Muslin/Purple/LilacPink?/ThickBrownHighPlanned
Buy/Shape WigMediumPlanned
Buy EarsMediumPlanned
Make Belt & Triforce BuckleLowPlanned
Make ShirtLowPlanned
Make SkirtLowPlanned
Make ScarfLowPlanned
Mould Bowser BroochLowPlanned
Make Apron / Acrylic DesignLowPlanned


Odd and Ends (Posted 7th August 2013)

So I've been working on the skirt on and off, will take a photo when It's done. I've also sewn the neck scarf which should hopefully be the right shape now (after lots of cutting). The buckle is done, starting on the apron after I get a few other cosplay bits for other costumes out of the way. In the meantime, enjoy a photo of my in-the-works broach. I tried to smooth the clay down more with green stuff, but I don't think it made much difference. T_T

Wig and Ears (update) (Posted 12th April 2013)

Came back from my holiday to find these had both arrived... the wig needs some serious cutting/styling at some point to match the in-game version of Malon's hair but the colour is pretty bang on for the orange style.

Ears will probably need a layer of foundation on them to colour match my skin a bit more but they seem to take make up well so this shouldn't be a problem. This also means I can add a bit more shading with my black eye shadow to match the character's ears. Looking forward to this!

Materials! (Posted 29th March 2013)

Went into town to pick up some of the materials that I would need... wanting to spread out the costs for my Ayacon cosplay, and Malon/Cremia comes out of my April funds. If I have spare money after everything else, I will look at some extras such as boots, until then I do have some brown boots that I could use.

The lilac matches the in-game lilac pretty well (even if my camera/artificial light makes it look a bit off). The purple isn't quite the same as the in-game purple as I thought the pinky-lilac and the bluey-purple clashed a bit in reality. The shop I was at also had a very nice darker pinky purple which looks good with the lilac - so deciding to go with that.

Dark brown is a potential for the belt, the light brown is a potential for the apron. I was hoping to find a good thick tan material for the apron, but I failed (and am a little worried about mass dying something that big and keeping it even) so that's a thinner version of what I was looking for as a backup. I may wait a little to see if I can see what I want over the next couple months of shopping before I start the paint work.

The creamy-white is a more natural looking off-white which I might use for the shirt. In reality (you know what I mean), I don't think Malon/Cremia would have a white-white shirt and so decided to try for an off white. It looks a little creamier in the artificial light though. The yellow is for the neck scarf.

Moulding clay for the bowser toggle (some of that clay is for other costumes) and I already have gold paints. I will probably do the triforce buckle out of layered foam but shall see.

Edit: The tartan has nothing to do with the costume, my cat just likes to sleep on it. ._.

Wigs and Ears (Posted 29th March 2013)

So I manage to order a pair of ears and a wig from ebay. The wig will need to be cut and styled, but I decided to go with the orange version from the game. If it looks too bright when I receive it, I'll look at dying options.

The ears I picked up at the same time as they weren't too pricey and were about the right shape. I can always apply additional make up to them to blend them a bit more and create more of a shadow if I think they need it. Pretty happy with these otherwise, so just waiting for this lot to come through the post.