Costume :Edward Kenway
Source :Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Edward Kenway so far WIP VERY BIG WIP


Leather Armour, Sash, Belt, Baldric, Trousers so far

High Res


Costume ref

Edward Kenway


Costume Information

Edward Kenway

I am finally fulfilling my dream of cosplaying an Assassin, and who better than this awesome Pirate Badass XD

The only reason that this is possible, is due to my pirate reenactment which can share a lot of kit with this character.

Trousers, Pistols, Belts, Baldrics, Sash, Boots and even the body armour.

All I need to do is work on the hood, waistcoat and arm armour mainly and then add a few accessories and i'm ready to go.

Edward shall be worn at MCM Expo London October 2013 in time for the release of the game.


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Awesome! Totally looking forward to this!

by Darkiekun on Monday, 4 March, 2013 - 11:48
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this didn't take long... best of luck, can't wait to see it finished!

by southafrimike on Monday, 4 March, 2013 - 14:41
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Wow, gotta go fast!

by One-Winged-Chaos on Tuesday, 5 March, 2013 - 11:26

To-Do List

White HoodyHighComplete
Leather Jacket Shoulders HighIn Progress
Leather Armour on ArmsHighPlanned
Fabric Thigh Flap things HighPlanned
Red SashMediumComplete
Brown BreechesMediumComplete
Extra SwordLowPlanned
Extra PsitolsLowPlanned

Shopping List



temporary pause (Posted 27th April 2013)

Due to so many videos and images of this game being released I expected it to be a perfect source of reference pictures but unfortunately they all seem to conflict with each other, so I am pausing my progress until it is confirmed which are concept and which will be in the final release

work to be done (Posted 9th March 2013)

After taking the pic of the costume so far, I just realised the problem with the hood, I will be adjusting it so that the hood is open and does not join underneath my chin, I may also create a V-neck opening and join with lace so it will resemble a pirate shirt. I think I'll work on the thigh-flaps next

hoody arrived (Posted 7th March 2013)

I collected the hoody today, colour is perfect but i'm not sure if the hood is sitting how I'd like it to, I'll see what it looks like with the rest of my kit so far before sewing anything to it. Photo of hoody with kit coming soon.

Hoody (Posted 5th March 2013)

Ordered the hoody today, tried many on in store to get the right size for the hood, finally decided on XL (I have a big head >.>) but they didn't have the colours in stock, I was looking at white, then decided on "ash" as it's white with grey flecks, made it look a bit more weathered and not so clean and perfect as a pirate assassin should look :D this cost £15.50 and is due to arrive around friday

Concept (Posted 4th March 2013)

I have decided upon Edward Kenway for my cosplay at MCM Expo London (October 2013) This should be perfect as it is only a few days before the release, so enough people should know the character by then and I might also get to try the game itself.

I've always wanted to cosplay an Assassin since the series was first released, but due to other hobbies (reenactment specifically) I never had enough money, but now, as I do Pirate reenactment Edward Kenway can use many parts from my existing kit, and the rest should be quite easy to get around, so here I stand.

First stage, how I think I will achieve this costume.

Base Layer: This will consist of a baggy white hoody, baggy Brown/Tan trousers and boots. The hoody will only show at the hood and the under arms so for this reason I can pick up a cheap one from Primark, the hoody will also have the arm armour sewn directly to it, made of brown prosthetic leather. The trousers I already have a pair of baggy brown linen tousers from the reenactment, these aren't perfect but will do until I finish the rest of the costume. I have authentic pirate boots, they are black not brown but they are real leather and the right shape so I will be using these.

Middle Layer: This is only 1 item, it will be a belt with the 4 thigh flaps threaded on to it, they will be made of a cheap fabric like Calico (which is also authentic)

Top Layer: This is 2 items, The waistcoat and leather armour, the waistcoat looks the hardest as I cannot see a specific pattern of fastening, but that also works in my favour as I dont have to create much detail, only what is visible. all I can see is that it ends on is hip and seems to be a pale blue with a white stripe down the middle. The leather armour here only consists of body and shoulder since I covered the arms in the base layer. For this I already have a rough leather waistcoat that I bought cheap for another cosplay but it wasn't quite right, So I'll make a few cuts and then dye it as it's more orangey at the moment. then stitch on some panels for the shoulder

Weapon Layer: the final layer is just accessories, Red sash explains itself, not much work to do on the belt, I already have a baldric that can be used. I have my own prop pistol that I can definitely use, and maybe another 2 that I can borrow. I am going to have to make a sword however, not a problem as I am a woodworker by trade, for convention rules I'll make it out of MDF and keep it blunted, then paint it up, Time permitting i'll make a second.

Also if time permits I'll try to create his emblem on the Baldric above the pistols