Costume :Envy
Variant :Human Form
Source :Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2013

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Messing About

Crazy Face

Bored Envy

You What?!

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Costume Information

Cost : 46.68
Time Taken : 20 Hours (Approximately)

A couple of years ago, at one of my first ever Expos, I did a Lust cosplay as part of a Full Metal Alchemist group with my friends. It was awful. We sewed two tops together, I used my own hair and I barely made /any/ of it myself. But I still loved and was proud of it.

I always said I wanted to do an Envy cosplay, but perhaps when I was a bit more 'experienced' with cosplaying and when I was happier with how my body looked (because bare midriff X_X) Now, although I am not 100% happy with my body (gah) I feel confident enough to at least give it a go.

I'd gotten a sewing machine this Christmas and so really wanted to start /making/ more of my cosplays, and I thought Envy would be a pretty easy one to begin with. I was a little deluded on this. I had issues making the gloves, making the socks, making the top. It was frustrating and upsetting. A lot of the time I felt like giving up. But I struggled on. And I am very happy with the results. I just need to remember to keep my tummy tucked in at all times!

Day after Expo and it was so much fun, seriously. Loads of people approached me for photos which I was really pleased about.And surprisingly, going barefoot in the hall is very nice! Although my feet were filthy at the end of the day!


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I love the wig!

by ToroSonyCat on Tuesday, 28 May, 2013 - 23:05
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Wow awesome Cosplay ^^

- Mistress
The Devine Darkness

by TheDevineDarkness on Wednesday, 12 June, 2013 - 09:27

To-Do List

Make topLowComplete
Sew headbandLowComplete
Style wigLowComplete
Makes gloves and socks(things?)LowComplete

Shopping List

Transparent Insoles£4.98Bought
Black stretchy material£15.25Bought
PVA Glue (Lots)£6.87Bought
Red Paint/Bodypaint for Ouroboros£2.99Bought
Long Green Wig£14.90Bought
mesh fabric£1.69Bought


Day full of Progress, and we're basically done. (Posted 19th May 2013)

So last weekend before actual expo, and although this week I've been doing bits and pieces of both my cosplays, I really pulled out all the stops this weekend as I wanted to be more or less done before having to go back to work. I really didn't want to have to spend every night up until late making cosplays, cos that means I'll just be grumpy for the weekend.

So tested out making the top for Envy yesterday, I tried out making the top and then making the neck piece/collar of the top separately. That turned out terribly so this morning I just made it as a one piece and although I couldn't hem the neck piece, it still works 100% better than my other top XD.

Remade the 'socks' for Envy so that they actually look halfway decent. Again I used a buttonhole stitch for the heel holes, and just hemmed the other edges. They're a little tight fitting, but it means that they'll stay up so that's good ^^.

And I /tried/ to make the invisible shoes using a guide posted on Facebook earlier on in the year, but they were too flimsy and it was hard to fit them over the 'socks', so in the end I'm just going to be wearing sandals, and take them off for photos.

Finally, mum and me spent about 2 hours outside in the wind trying to style the wig, and although she doesn't seem too happy with it (because fake hair is ridiculously hard to not get knotty, especially the long stuff), I am ECSTATIC. Seriously can't wait to wear this on Sunday! I just really hope it's sunny and/or warm!

Gloves made after some frustration (Posted 5th May 2013)

So A couple of days ago I attempted to make fingerless gloves for my Envy cosplay. All by myself. With no pattern. Ok I had a pair of fingerless gloves there to use as a guideline, but my sewing machine didn't have a lot of the stitch settings used on those ready-made gloves so I had to just sort of wing it and use my common sense. After about an hour and a half and much fiddlyness (for the thumb-hole) I had a halfway decent glove.

Last night I tried to make the second one and succeeded in failing miserably. In the end I gave up and just cut a hole out for the thumb, but still couldn't figure out how to stop the ends from fraying. Frustrated and tired I gave up for the night.

Today I started at around 1pm and finished at about 3pm. Having looked up some tips on fingerless glove makings (that pesky thumbhole was the biggest problem) I approached the problem differently. By using a buttonhole stitch I tried cutting the thumbholes like a large button. Shock, horror! It worked! Thoroughly relieved that it wasn't a massive cock up like last time, I managed to get two very similar if not identical (or as identical as you can get working without a pattern) gloves. They're a little tight but they're stretchy, so I'm very pleased with them!

Skirt Made (Posted 22nd April 2013)

Got the material (stretchy) and although this was some weeks ago thought I should post it up before I did some more XD. Got together with an awesome friend (AlienQueen) where she taught me how to pin, cut and sew together a skirt. So here it is! Modelled by me, apologies for the belly and messy hair and derpy expression.