Costume :Primula
Variant :Winter Uniform
Source :Shuffle!
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Winter Uniform



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Contact Lenses (Posted 20th February 2013)

Her eye colour seems like a deep blue. Im not quite sure to be honest. But I think I will go with blue as I already have lenses that colour.

The ones I have really enlarge the eyes :) So I think they will be perfect <3

Cosplay! (Posted 20th February 2013)

So I decided on doing the winter uniform. I just love the cute hat! :D <3 Although I know Prim-Chan doesnt wear this till the end. I just love it :D. The anime made me cry I was so shocked to find at about Asa!. Not going to mention more I don't want to display a spoiler <3

Wig decision (Posted 19th February 2013)

So decided on this wig. I know the ponytails are a little long but I can sort that out :)I know on the pictures it looks like its tinted purple, but I think this will be ok for the cosplay :)