Costume :Lena
Source :Shamanic Princess
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Main outfit

First appearance

Throne of Yord version

Younger version



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To-Do List

Headband/hair clips HighIn Progress
Lena's fluteLowPlanned
Chop off hair in hime cutLowPlanned

Shopping List

~1m blue ribbon£0.50Bought
Temporary green hair dye£0.00To Buy
White nightdress or fabric for white nightdress£0.00To Buy
Red flower bouquet£0.00To Buy
Blue plastic discs£0.00To Buy


Deciding variant (Posted 17th August 2013)

I think because of my diminutive stature I will do her younger version.

I'll need to go back and watch the anime and take some screenshots of still frames to get references. The anime isn't that famous and there are no pictures on the Internet...

Deciding variant (Posted 17th August 2013)

Need to decide which variant of her outfit to do!!

She has so many variants and they are all so beautiful!


- The simple white dress worn by Lena when she possessed by the Throne of Yord (episode 3, awakening)
- The younger version of Lena seen in a flashback with the field of red flowers
- The complex dress worn in her first appearance
- The pink outfit she wears in the OP, with a rose in her hair
- Her main battle outfit