Costume :Hades
Variant :Female Hades
Source :Hercules
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London Super Comic Convention 2013

Costume Photos

full costume

aftermath hair

Final costume

Hair colour

Make up trial



Costume Information

Cost : 18.79
Time Taken : 4 days

Found out I'm going to be at LSCC for work... but only found out a few days ago,
Don't have much time to put something together and currently my hair is blue.
So I had to find something with blue hair and this popped up out of the blue (literally) to me and I figured I'd do this because, well, what the hey, epic opportunity to create a new make up design.

So over the next few days I'll be working on
Gold Pin,
Make up,


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nice choice and looking good with the progress

by nanahara on Wednesday, 20 February, 2013 - 22:15
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Loving the make-up! I'll definitely be looking forward to seeing this finished at LSCC. :)

by Nymphie on Thursday, 21 February, 2013 - 14:55

To-Do List

Add patterns to grey shirtHighComplete

Shopping List

high top hold ups£3.50Bought
Black dress£5.00Bought
Black heels£5.00Bought
grey shirt£4.00Bought
White cream face paint (base)£1.29Bought


Day before Con Panic (Posted 22nd February 2013)

So... it's the day before LSCC and my package hasn't arrived in the post. This is making me very nervous.
Currently I'm thinking I'm gonna have to improv a different dress and a different set of shoes.
Damn it buying things online!

Day after the con de brief (Posted 22nd February 2013)

So the package didn't arrive in time. according to royal mail tracking post it'll be here Monday or Tuesday.
Typical right?
Anyways, I improved with a black toga-ish piece of velvet, and wore my every day shoes and I got a LOT of photo requests. which did make me rather happy :)
A lot of people asked who I was but I got the reaction of as soon as I said "Femme Hades of Hercules" I got this or some variation of the line "I totally see it now! That's AWESOME"
A lot of people commented on the hair, and yes having my hair add on about 10 inches of height was rather fun.
I'll upload photos soon of the costume at the con and I'm thinking of repeating if I do Kapow or LFCC and that way I can add photos of the full costume, real toga, fancy shoes and all. :)

How the hell do I make my head look like it's on fire? (Posted 20th February 2013)

okay I was thinking somehow get it all to stand on end, but i've found this and I think with my blue hair it'll work FAR better. :)