Costume :Mari - catkind, Fan character
Source :Doctor Who
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos


Face prosthetic

Wig finished, trimmed and styled

Wig finished - untrimmed, worn

Wig finished - untrimmed

Catkind viewed so far

Wig - back (unfinished)

Wig - front (unfinished)


Costume Information

Cost : £160
Time Taken : 2 weeks

This is a fan character costume of my catkind character, Mari. There have been very few Catkind shown other than the Sisters of Plenitude and Thomas Brannigan so I wanted to make my own. Using references pulled from the show and studying the race as much as I could I came up with Mari, the calico. Because hey, why not? We've seen tabbies and solids so naturally a calico would be possible.

Right now she's mostly done but waiting on some parts to arrive and still sourcing some bits.

Wig: I decided on a Cats sort of style wig for her, most catkind with screentime have their heads covered but during Gridlock we get a glimpse of one minus a hat - as I predicted they are rather anthropomorphic but I thought having a fur hood with makeup on my face would look a bit silly - however a cats wig would suit it well.

Face: for the face I have ordered prosthetics from NorthFurFX - prosthetics will be applied with additional makeup to blend them and make look more natural. I won't be able to make the face "fluffy" though so relying on the wig to give the fur illusion.

Body: No catkind have been shown to have tails as of yet, therefore I have not planned a tail for her. I may change this depending on further research though.

Clothing: I've decided on army surplus boots, brown trousers, shirt (colour not yet decided) and a black jacket. Will probably be wearing gloves as well.

Wig: 80% complete - still making it, getting there slowly! A few bald patches to sort out followed by styling.

Face: In transit to be delivered, not much I can do with that until it arrives from Canada.

Clothing: have leather jacket for her! may have sourced the trousers for her as well, waiting to see them in person.


Wow!That prosthetic is amazing! Well done!

by KissingJudas on Sunday, 24 February, 2013 - 20:38