Costume :Sam Winchester
Variant :Fem!
Source :Supernatural
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Wales Comic Con 2013

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The Winchesters

Team Free Will

Looking for an exorcism

Samantha Winchester


Costume Information

Cost : 21

To go with woohooitsbeth's Dean/Cas Fem!Cosplay :D

Not totally finished yet, I want to find a coat and a duffel bag and maybe mess around with a few more shirts. BUT it's in the making! It's yet another cosplay that was born from a few hours of boredom. :L

And very well recieved we were - a lot of Wayward Sons at Wales CC, and a lot of demon busting :D


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Shopping List

Boots (but hell, I want these anyway)£15.99Bought
Fake gun£1.00Bought


Jacket! (Posted 16th March 2013)

I've bought myself a Sam jacket! The one I was hoping for originally was either his teal coloured one with the sleeve pocket, or the beige one. But could I find either? Nope. So I've bought a brown cordoroy button up from eBay, which I think is fairly passable as Sam's (he wears it quiet often in series 3 and 4. Think Bad Day at Black Rock when Bela shoots him). I've also bought a black leather rucksack (because evidently the world has decided it doesn't like camo patterned ones), and I'm now just after guns and the tattoo. Yay :D

I've been doing some work on contouring my face. Gah, Jared Padalecki, why must your perfect features be so hard to emulate. D:

A little bit of progress (Posted 10th March 2013)

So, I've bought boots (which I just happened to buy and THEN realise "Holy shit, these are perfect") and I have a different shirt. I've decided on a light grey and blue plaid shirt (I'll post pics when I can be bothered taking them... D:) since it's very baggy and Sammish. I'm basically sorted costumewise, but I'm waiting for a jacket, bags and guns. Hahaha.

Oh yeah, that jacket? The most versatile fricking thing I've ever seen? I lost it by inches. Pennies. Grrrr.

First Progress (Posted 25th February 2013)

Okie dokie,so I've made the first steps in 'properly' organising this cosplay. Why? Because it honestly just started out as "Oh, I'm bored, let's make a cosplay out of things I own in my wardrobe." Now, I've found out that in Wales Comic Con, there will be *drumroll plz*..... THE 1967 CHEVY IMPALA.


In light of this recent revelation, woohooitsbeth and I have decided to work on our Winchester cosplays. And because we're, you know, girls, we're going as fem!versions. Kinda because I don't want to draw on fake stubble. :L

So, I have my shirt sorted, I think. I mean, I could pretty much wear any shirt so long as it's baggy and plaid. So, check. I'm currently watching a coat on eBay - it is honestly the most versatile cosplay item I have ever found. It could work for Sam, Gabriel, AND Anna Milton. I want it so badly. I've realised now that I need kind-of-baggy blue jeans, brown boots and THAT BLOODY SATCHEL. Also, a camouflage rucksack. And then we're drawing on the tattoos.

Then, Phase 2 is to buy fake guns. Any ideas on Sam's weapons? I'm thinking a shotgun, a small pistol and those cool curly knife things from Season 1. I'm doing a fem!Sam of roughly Season 3, by the way.

Things are looking UP! :D